Quotes from my everyday life

In a house with23 kids (counting my 2 cousins) funny things happen

Chapter 1

Chapter one ( best title ever, i know)

I was thinking about wether I could stab someone if I had too.

Probably not. I mean, I can't hardly even put in the straw in Capri suns. It takes me 15 minutes to do that.

Bravery is when you're the only one who knows you're scared

Some call it complaining. I call it motivational speaking.

I could be a morning person, if morning were sometime in the afternoon.

you never know how offensive your music is until your listening to it while in a car with your parents

I didn't say you WERE stupid. I said you ARE stupid. There is absolutely nothing pass tense about it.

I can almost tell if a movie doesnt use real dinosaurs

(3 year old brother at church talking to the preacher) in the beginning god made day and night. Everything else was made in china

Bubby, if I were to kill everyone you hated for you, it wouldn't be a couple murders, it would be the end of humanity


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