Welcome to Camp (An original story)

HI everyone. I hope you'll read my story and comment, I enjoy all your feedback it helps me become a better writer!!!!!

Chapter 1


Camp. How can I describe Camp. Well I can describe how camp is supposed to be. Campfires, and camp games, having fun, getting to know your fellow campers.

Here, at my camp it's another story. At my camp, you get initiated by fighting, and losing, to the toughest person at camp. At my camp, our faces are always concealed except for at meal time. At my camp your separated into three different teams, and taught to taunt the other teams. You could say my camp isn't normal, and the only way you can ever like it, is if you survive it. And here's how I did.

When I first got my letter I though it was a bit odd. Well my mother thought it was a bit odd since she opens all my mail before I even know I have any. The letter said that I had been accepted to attend Camp Sasi. Now besides the weird name I thought it was weird to be accepted to a camp. But I'd never been to camp and neither had my mom, but still weird. Also when we looked at the Camp Sasi web page, well the pictures were nice and all, but there were all of nature, not any of kids or any conselours, just boring trees, plants, and your occasional little woodland creature.

If I'd known then what I know now...well I still would have come. But if I'd on my first day of camp, what I know now, I would have begged my mom to take me home. But me being naive little Mercy just wanted to get away from my sisters. They'd been at each others throats since before they could talk, and I hated fighting, so I packed my bags and headed off to Camp. Well actually I headed off to the bus station. They had a special bus to take all the kids to camp. Something about helping the environment or something.

When my mom and I went to the station, well lets just say we didn't have any trouble finding the bus. It was bright yellow, and had neon orange flowers painted all over it. And in bright red letters it said CAMP SASI, on the side. There were only a few kids outside the bus, putting there luggage away.

"Do you want me to help you sweetie?" My mom asked me narrowing her eyes in the direction of the bus.

"I, think I got it mom, but don't drive away until I'm safely on the bus ok." I said.

She smiled, "Of course not sweetie."

I gave my luggage to the bus driver. He was a short, stooped old man with really thick glasses. He gave me a toothless smile.

I went to the bus entrance, turned, and waved to my mom. She honked the horn. When I climbed up the steps and eyed all the campers I had to look at my watch. The brochure said we would be leaving at 8 am. It was 7:58 and there were only two other people on the bus.

"Is this it? I asked a girl in the front seat. She had shoulder length black hair, and brown almond shaped eyes.
She got on her knees and looked into the back of the bus. "Looks like it." She said.
Then she turned around and sat the seat next to her.
"I'm Ailene Huang, pleased to meet you." She said holding out her hand to me.

"Mercy Willins." I said shaking her hand. "Did you see the other girl back there, I didn't get a good look at her." I said.

"I saw her get on, she didn't look like she wanted to be bothered."
I glanced back. Then stood up and decided to go and introduce myself, my mom always said to be more outgoing. "I'll be right back."

I walked to the back, the very back. There sat a very tall, pale girl with dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a nasty looking scar on the left side of her face. She was listening to music. I'll be honest, she looked a little scary. I almost turned back around, but she already saw me and was staring me down. Almost like she was daring me to come closer, and I did.

"Hi, I'm Mercy." I said. She stared me down.
"Mercy? That's your name?" She asked me. I nodded.
"I'm Katelin." She said slowly, like she wasn't sure if she should tell me her name or not.
"Nice to meet you Katelin, I was wondering, if, well you would like to sit up front with me and Ailene, so you won't have to be alone back here the whole time." I said. Again she stared me down. Like she was trying to melt me with her eyes.

She shrugged. "Why not, I could use some company." I smiled thinking, you did a good thing Mercy, you might have made a friend. WRONG! What I made was a mistake. I don't like talking bad about people but Katelin was very, blunt, she was the type of person who said whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Ailene was like that also, too a point but Katelin, she kind of drove me crazy. Not to mention that the bus ride was hot, and long, and the bus drive, Mr. Tom, didn't believe in stopping for food, or bathroom breaks.

When we finally got to the camp, I missed the bus.

"It sure as hell doesn't look like the brochure." Katelin said.
On the brochure the camp looked all golden and heavenly, but the camp looked like crap. The sign over the entrance was chipped and broken and hanging sideways. When Mr. Tom put us off the bus we walked into a building that said Newbies in bright red letters at the top. There was nobody around. It looked completely deserted. And then a horrible thought struck me. What if Ailene, Katelin and I were the only ones at this camp.

We walked into the newbies building and the only thing that was in there was as dusty desk with a few rickety chairs in front of it.

"Hello?" Ailene called out.
"Welcome to camp Newbies." A voice behind us said. We all turned around and Ailene stifled a scream. In front of the door were three people, all obviously boys. They were each wearing a mask that only showed their eyes and mouths.

The shortest one on the left wore a green mask, his brown hair was sticking out of the back. The one in the middle had hair so red it was almost the same color of his mask. The one on the right also had on a red mask with curly brown hair.

I couldn't help but think that this was a scene out of some scary movie. I figured that when they pulled off those masks their faces would be hideously mutated and then they would try to eat us, or worse marry us.

"Calm down Newbies, were just here to get you for the initiation ceremony."

"Initiation. What Initiation?" I asked, trying to get my voice steady.
They all gave each other a look and the red headed one smiled at us.
"You'll see."

End of Chapter 1

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