POEM- Love/LGBT/Religion/Society/I Don't Know What Else

READ: I don't wanna start a religion argument, or anything. This was just a poem I wrote in the car, listening to music & thinking of how fycked this world is. Nothing else.
I noticed how most people I've met online/quibblo don't really mind about se xuality. But I don't know if it's where I live or something, people outside would probably hang me if I say my opinions on this (Mainly my parents). If any of you can guess, if I could vote (I'm not 18) I'd vote for Obama...

Chapter 1

"Love is Love, No Matter Where You Find It"

In a way I failed religion,
Which is a ridiculous thought,
I have faith in God,
Maybe that's not enough,
Yeah, I'm in love,
Is that a sin?
It can't be,
We passed skin color,
Took ages, 
But we made it,
We looked pass religion,
Most of us have,
For  love.
Now it's gender,
So what if a guy likes a guy?
God never said it wasn't right,
I love a girl, no, that's not a lie,
It's not like a person wakes up one day,
And say:
"Hey! Today, I'm gonna go gay!"
No, you don't,
You can tell as you go by life,
With every single thought,
Makes a difference into telling what you like,
Only you can say what you like, 
No one else,
You got the freedom of expression in your rights,
Also liking what you like,
If it feels right,
Go for it,
It's your life,
No one else's,
Didn't matter if you're straight, lesbian, gay, trans or bi,
Cause he knew before you did,
He's God,
I'm may not be the most religious,
But that's my opinion.


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