Some Days (Pokemon Fanfic)

This takes place two years after my other story, Pokemon Platinum: My Adventure.

Danime still has her feelings for Barry (he is known as Pearl in Pokemon Platinum: My Adventure), and Barry has even more feelings for Danime than he actually did 2 years ago. And Lucas reveals he likes Dawn?!

I thought this was interesting for me, because I never thought I would make the plot like this.

OCXBarry and DawnXLucas.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

July 18 2012, afternoon. Location: Twinleaf Town.

Danime, Dawn, and Barry have been friends ever since they were born. Their first adventure was 2 years ago, not very long ago. Currently, they are at Danime and Dawn's house in their living room, with their other friend, Lucas. Lucas lives at a nearby town named Sandgem. He met the three during their adventure around the Sinnoh Region.

Today, it's just a beautiful blue sky with a few puffy white clouds, and nothing else to do around the region. Barry and Lucas are just hanging out as usual with the two girls, Danime and Dawn.

Barry had his legs crossed, and his head resting at his hand. His eyes were set at Danime. Dawn and Danime's mom, Johanna, wasn't at the house at this moment, so he assumed that it was safe to stare. Not that Danime was smart enough to notice. Maybe Dawn would notice Barry staring deep into Danime's eyes (or possibly her lips), but she would be too polite to disturb his moment.

It's very unusual for Barry to be content. He is usually impatient, running around. He can't even sit for 2 seconds. Speaking of which, Barry seemed bored already and lost it. He stood up from the couch.

"You know what? I'm bored so I'm just gonna fine all of you 1,000,000 PokéDollars for being so boring." Barry said. "And can we actually do something besides sitting here talking?" A frustrated Danime got up from the couch, walked over to Barry and pushed him right back down the couch.

"No, you're staying here, Barry," Danime demanded with her hands on her hips. "And that's final." Danime is what you can call... the ungirly type.

"Oh yeah, why do you want me to stay?" Barry asked back, a hint of a smile on his face. Danime now had a certain shock on her face, and blushed for a split second. That's when Lucas cleared his throat.

"Um, no argumentations at this moment is best..." Lucas said quietly. Danime rolled her eyes at the dark haired boy.

"At least say 'arguments', not argumentations, walking encyclopedia." Danime said, annoyed. She sat back down, and this time next to Barry.

"Sooo... Why do you like wearing hats, Lucas and Dawn?" Barry asked the two. They seemed taken aback when he said that.

"I don't know," They blankly replied in unison. Barry sighed.

"Well if that's the case, then oh well." Barry said. "But my hair's too sexy to be hidden." Then he had 'the look' and winked at Danime. The girl blushed for 0.02 seconds and then glared at the blond hair boy. Dawn was paying close attention to what Danime and Barry's expressions were.

"Hey, don't try to flirt with me," Danime snapped, still glaring. "Now you owe me."

Barry asked what he owes Danime, and she seemed shocked. She replied that she didn't think of that yet. It was silent for a moment.

A little background knowledge. When Danime was 12, she had certain feelings for Barry. She didn't want to admit it, not even to herself.

-Flashback 2 years ago-

August 23, 2010, 3:00 P.M. Location: Twinleaf Town

This is the time when they are about to go on their adventure. Danime is a bit forgetful at this age, and as rude as she is now. Dawn, well, she's still as polite as she is now.

Danime sat down on her bed, her cheeks red. Dawn came over too comfort her.

"Hi, Danime," A 10 year old Dawn greeted her older sister, 12 year old Danime. "What's wrong? You seem... flushed."

"It's nothing," Danime assured Dawn. "And don't worry so much. You know how I can handle things on my own."

Dawn sighed. "Is it about Barry?" She asked, then Danime was taken aback. "So what if you embarrased yourself in front of our childhood friend. Nothing."

"Hey, I wasn't embarrased! That's too feminine for me!" Danime shouted. Their mom could probably hear them.

Dawn thought about what to say to her sister, then said, "Well, you're growing up, if you know what that means. You're going to have to think about who you will be with when you're older."

Danime was confused. She didn't understand about the growing up part. And Danime is still too young to think about who to marry. Danime shrugged the thought off and collapsed on her bed, going to sleep.

-flashback ends-

The silence ended with Dawn talking about what to do. She said that we could all do a Pokemon Contest together at Hearthome City, the biggest city in the region. The four have been there before, but since they went separate ways on their adventure around Sinnoh, they haven't had a Pokemon Contest together before. When they were at different ways, Danime and Barry got a Relic Badge from Hearthome's Gym for winning, Dawn won several Pokemon Contests, and Lucas, well, he tried both the Gym and the Contests, but didn't win.

Danime didn't like the idea of going to a contest and gulped. Nice clothes, she thought. She might faint if she sees Barry in a tuxedo. But Danime didn't want to be a coward.

"Fine," Danime sighed. "We can ride on my Garchomp to get there faster. If we just walked there, it would take us a day or two." She took out her PokeBall and released Garchomp from it. It was a big Pokemon, big enough for four people. (Wait, I remember Cynthia's Garchomp had Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl on its' back. can it have one more person?)

"Ah, yes, a Garchomp the Mach Pokemon." Lucas observed. Lucas is like a walking encyclopedia, like Danime mentioned. "6 feet and 3 inches, 209.4 pounds, and has fine scales that allows it to fly at super speed." Then Lucas gulped. Dawn guessed that he didn't like high speeds. Dawn always admires Lucas' knowledge, and Lucas secretly likes Dawn, but Dawn doesn't realize. Danime already got some hints from Lucas and she kind of dislikes Lucas.

"Okay, I get your yadda yadda and let's go." Danime said, impatient as she opened the front door. Lucas and Barry seem a little freaked out on how Garchomp can fit through the door. Dawn, Lucas, and Barry got up and followed Danime outside.

Everyone went on Garchomp's tough body. "Hold on tight, and we'll get there in a few minutes." Danime said. She tugged on to Barry's shirt, and Barry blushed red. Lucas was biting his lip and Dawn held his shoulders. He smiled at her, making it noticable.

"Okay, we're headed to Hearthome City! Hold on and enjoy the ride!" Danime announced, like she was one of those Disney people. "Ready, set, go!"

And Garchomp flew at a high speed, almost like a jet fighter plane. Lucas couldn't help but hug Dawn. Lucas doesn't have much experience at fast rides.

Barry is the opposite. He loved fast speeds. But, he loved Danime more.

Hearthome City, Barry thought. Perfect place. But, I can't seem to do it. I'm not ready to say so yet, as much as I hate waiting. Yes, Barry is an impatient one, impatient in many different ways. For now he thought it was best to just hold on to avoid falling off the large Pokemon.

Heh, I'm horrible at romantic stuff.

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