this is going to get random,.... watch out

Chapter 1

oh no

eat a stick of butter, egg a cop, kiss a squirrel, call the cops because my hot tub wont fly, scream at a hobo, cry during dinner at a fancy place, scream i object at a funeral, call myself larry, lick a bunny, bounce off a fat man, teepee my own house, steal a car, ride a roller coaster and puke, slap a burrito and say "you make me sick." chop off my hair, dance in public to no music, run around naked in public, scream "help my tortilla is dying" slap some one with a tortilla (done that) get slapped by a tortilla (yup) go to the zoo and cry at monkey, call a sloth dad, paint a hippo purple, run around with a bag on my head and say "I AM BAG MAN." throw underwear a car, get a high five from a random biker, kiss a celeberity, throw my tooth brush at a duck, get a piggy back ride from a random stranger, eat a carton of ice cream, sleep for a whole day, have a party with fake alcholo, build a fire and scream "its alive" run around my school screaming "CUPCAKE" yell at santa, tell a fat man hes looking good, get kicked out a movie for excessivly crying, perfect my mad scientist laugh, pet a deer, high five the pope, scream "WHY?" in a dramatic effect during a test, laugh during a haunte house, break out of my house, dress like a dude, prank call a pizza place and have them deliver 400 pizzas to my friends house, catch a table on fire......... TO BE CONTINUED

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