The Otherworlders

The Otherworlders

I do not own LOTR. The pic was made by pippa_99.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The year is 2003. The day is December 19. Six teenage girls are exiting a movie theater in New Hampshire when they wish that they could be apart of Lord of the Rings (they just saw the last movie). When they wake, they are in a bar filled with small men.
The year is 1417. The day is September 23.
The world is Middle Earth.

Chapter 2

Chapter 1- Middle Earth

The very first thing I heard were noisy, loud voices.
The very first thing I saw were a pair of dark brown eyes.
I yelped and sat up, wide awake now. I looked around and saw that there were benches all around me. I noticed Violet, Myna, Amelia, Kat, and Aura lying on the floor beside me.
Wait a miniute---floor? We had been in a car, not in a room with noisy people. What the heck was going on?
I recalled the scary car crash and tried to guess what had happened after I'd blacked out. Had we died? Were we in heaven? Thirteen was WAY too young to die---I had my whole life ahead of me!
A lump formed in my throat. Were we really dead? I thought of my parents at home and how devastated they would be to find out that their baby girl had died in a car crash thanks to a stupid Mercedes.
"Em? You okay? You took a nasty hit to the head when you slipped off the bench." said a familiar voice. I turned and saw someone I never, EVER expected to see in person.
A man with sandy colored curly hair and brown eyes as kneeling beside me, looking genuinely concerned. He wore a brown worn vest, muddy pants, and no shoes on his hairy feet.
My heart nearly stopped. I thought OH. MY. GOD. A suspicion began to form in the back of my mind.
I glanced down at myself, wondering if I was still wearing my clothes. I wasn't wearing my clothes. I wore a white blouse and brown pants. And I was barefoot. My feet had hair curling on the top of them.
When I looked at my friends, I saw that they wore basically the same outfit.
And then I remembered that he had asked me a question.
"I, uh, well, I'm fine." I stammered. I tried not to blush. I was terrible when it came to talking to boys.
At that moment, a groggy Violet stirred beside me and sat up, rubbing her head. "Ugh, my head hurts." She saw me and the very familiar person satring at her and her face paled. She whispered so low that I had to strain my ears to hear her. "You see him too, right, Em?"
I nodded and Violet said "Oh, crud. I think I know where we are. This is bad, this is VERY bad..."
Just then, the other four girls moaned and sat up. They muttered for a second before noticing the guy next to me. They stared in disbelief at him. I couldn't blame my friends. It wasn't every day you woke up to find HIM staring at you.
Three other short, barefoot men came over to us and I nearly fainted, to be honest. Two of the men had orange curly hair and brown eyes but the third man had curly dark hair and dark blue eyes. I stared at this man in wonder. This couldn't be...This couldn't possibly be...HIM.
The dark-haired one asked the sandy-haired man "Are they alright, Sam?"
Amelia's brown eyes almost popped out of her head. Myna paled and Kat's mouth dropped. Aura stared at Sam in disbelief.
My suspicion was correct apparently. This was indeed THE Samwise Gamgee. This could only mean that the other three were...
Sam said "They're alright now, Mr. Frodo." 'Well, let's not leave 'em sitting here." Merry said. He and Pippin began helping us up.
Sam stood and offered his hand to me. I tried not to feel disappointed; I had wanted Frodo to help me. But seeing as he was now helping Kat up, it wouldn't be polite to refuse help. I accepted his hand and felt a surge of warmth spread through my body. It was probably from the heat of his hand.
When I stood up, I saw that the noisy chatter I had heard was coming from all around us. Hobbits were sitting at tables all around us; talking, laughing, drinking, and smoking without a care in the world. We seemed to be in a bar.
This was definitely NOT heaven.
I thought for a split-second of what my mother would say if she saw where I was right now. She'd said I couldn't go to a bar until I was at least twenty-five. She'd be mortified if she saw me now.
Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry led the six of us to a table near a wall on the right side of the bar and we all sat down. I was a bit jealous when Frodo sat on the left side of Aura and Kat sat on his right with Merry. Violet and Amelia sat next to Pippin, who was sitting next to Aura. I ended up sitting on the other side of the table with Sam and Myna.
Sam asked everyone if we wanted a drink. Amelia opened her mouth, most likely to say "yes!", but Violet beat her to it. She said "Uh, no thanks. We won't have any." Amelia glared at her and Violet whispered "You're fourteen! No drinks!" Frodo, Merry, and Pippin said that they would love a drink so Sam stood up and pushed his way to the bar to order.
Merry muttered "I bet you he's going to chat with a certain someone while he waits for our drinks." Frodo laughed and I smiled, I loved the way his blue eyes sparkled when he did that.
Myna nudged me playfully and I jerked my attention away from Frodo, embarressed.
Sam finally returned with four glasses and gave them to his friends before sitting between me and Myna again.
Instantly, Pippin asked "What'd you and Rosie talk about, Sam?" "Wh-what?" Sam's face turned pink and we all laughed. Amelia said to Pippin "Aw, that wasn't too subtle." He smiled, still laughing at Sam. I giggled when Sam's face flushed even more and he stared at his drink, his ears now bright red.
Kat rolled her eyes, still laughing, and said to Sam "Okay, fine. Don't tell us." Sam took a sip from his drink and I smiled at his embarressed expression but I felt a little bad for him so I said "Okay, I think that's enough teasing--for now."
He gave me a grateful look and his face began to return to its normal color.
Merry and Pippin whispered something to each other around Frodo, Kat, and Aura before jumping onto the table with their drinks. I laughed when they began singing and dancing to some nonsensical tune. They didn't seem to care that almost everyone in the room was staring at our table now. I was probably blushing like crazy. I noticed Frodo grinning at his friends and wondered why he wasn't bothered by the attention. Sam looked a bit embarressed and muttered something about causing a scene.
I watched as the two Hobbits contined their loud song and found myself laughing because they looked so hilarious. I heard Amelia say to Kat "These two are even more ridiculous in real life." Kat laughed and the song ended at last.
The people in the bar cheered and clapped and I copied their actions, still laughing. Merry and Pippin sat down with their drinks and smiled at us. Frodo and Sam grinned big and told the other two Hobbits that their performance was great.
Amelia laughed and Pippin gave her a puzzled look. She exclaimed "That was better than great! That was brilliant!"
Everyone laughed and I swear Pippin's face lit up, his ears turning slightly pink. What was that about?
Merry pretended to take a bow. "Why thank you, ma'am." he said jokingly. Violet snorted.
After a few minutes of more laughing, Sam cried "Good Lord! Is that the time? I'd better get going if I'm ever going to be able to wake up tomorrow!"
Frodo said "Yes, I'd better get going as well." "We should be going too." Myna said. Violet gave her a questioning look and Myan mouthed 'play along'. Frodo nodded and the eight of us, except for Pippin and Merry, stood up. We bade goodnight to the two Hobbits and followed Frodo and Sam out of the bar, where we were greeted by a cool evening breeze.
I stared in amazement at the Shire. At night, the small holes' windows and doors had no light escaping from them so I knew it must be really late. There was a long cobbled road that lead far off towards a large hill. There weren't any Hobbits out tonight and you couldn't tell what color the flowers were if they sat two feet away. Everything here looked quiet and peaceful.
Sam bade us goodnight as he walked towards his home. Frodo said "Oh, I think I left something for you guys in my home. Would you mind coming with me?"
Aura answered "Sure, Frodo." We all walked to Frodo's home and I suddenly remembered this scene from the first movie. I whispered to Violet "Remember the wish we made?" She nodded. "I think it came true." "No, really?" She said sarcastically.
I sighed and looked up at the stars above, wondering if it was still nightime in New Hampshire. I wondered if my parents were staring at the stars from a window in the house. Were they thinking of me too? How much time had passed since the car crash?
Frodo unlocked the round door and stepped inside, reaching for the lights. I walked in and Frodo froze. Papers were strewn across the floor of the large study to the left. The window was wide open and a breeze was causing the papers to move around. Frodo slowly walked into the study and I followed him.
Amelia tapped my shoulder gently and I turned around. She was pointing at my friends, who had followed us in. I gaped at Myna and Violet, who were trying not to hit their heads on the golden chandelair (sp?). Everyone else didn't hit their heads; their heads didn't even come close to hitting the chandelair (sp?). Why was that? Were four of us supposed to be Hobbits? If so, why didn't Myna and Violet shrink as well?
Suddenly, Gandalf appeared behind Frodo and grabbed the Hobbit's shoulder. He hissed "Is it secret? Is it safe?"
"Gandalf!" Aura whispered in amazement. I couldn't blame her for staring at the wizard. It didn't seem real to be in the same room as Gandalf the Grey.
Frodo raced over to a dresser and I decided to turn on the lights so no one tripped. Gandalf followed him and turned around nervously if he heard the smallest sound. He gripped his tall wizard staff so tight, his knuckles were as white as newly-fallen snow.
As Frodo rifled through his drawers, Kat suddenly ran to the fireplace and rubbed two logs together quickly, which created a small orange flame. She tossed both sticks into the fireplace which made the other logs ignite and soon there was a blazing fire.
I realized what she had done when Frodo pulled the envelope containing the One Ring out and Gandalf threw it into the fire. Kat had just helped move the plot along.
I watched as the paper and wax seal burned away and I saw a small gold ring emerge from underneath the paper. Knowing what would happen if I stared too long, I fought the urge to stare at the evil object.
Gandalf grabbed some fire tongs and used them to ever-so-carefully lift the Ring out of the flickering flames. He dropped the Ring into Frodo's hand and set the fire tongs onto the mantle. "What do you see?"
I watched Frodo examine the Ring, unaware of the danger yet, and the Hobbit said "Nothing."
"Wait for it..." I whispered to him. He gave me a puzzled look, which was replaced by astonishment when glowing red markings appeared on the outside of the Ring. "Wait," Frodo said slowly. "There are markings on it. Some sort of Elvish. I can't read it."
"There are few who can." Gandalf said, facing the open window. "It is the language of Mordor. The markings read: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them. One Ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them."
Frodo frowned and looked at Gandalf. "Mordor?" "Yes, where Lord Sauron forged the One Ring of Power in secret. Where Isildur cut off the finger of Sauron and ended the war. But now, Frodo, Sauron has returned. And he wants the Ring." Gandalf said grimly.
Frodo said "Alright. We'll keep it hidden. We'll never speak of it again. No one else knows it's here." Gandalf didn't answer. Frodo looked fearful now. "Do they, Gandalf?"
"I searched everywhere for the creature Gollum, but the Enemy found him first. I do not know how long they tortured him but they managed to get two words out of Gollum; Shire and Baggins." Gandalf's eyes were grave.
"Shire...Baggins. But, that'll lead them here!" cried Frodo. He held out the Ring to Gandalf. "Take it, Gandalf!"
"Don't tempt him, Frodo!" Kat stepped between the wizard and the Hobbit. Gandalf gave her a strange look before speaking to Frodo. "Katrina is right. I would use this Ring for good, but through me, it would wield a terrible power."
Frodo's hand closed over the Ring. "What must I do?"
"I belive you mean 'What must we do?'" Gandalf looked at me and my friends.
"We-we're coming too?" asked Aura, looking astonished. The wizard nodded. "You know too much."
I exchanged nervous looks with my five friends. We were going with Frodo? Were we going to go with him as part of the Fellowship later on too?
At that moment, there was a noise outside. Gandalf hissed "Get down!" Frodo crouched on the ground but my friends and I didn't even worry. We knew it was only Sam. Gandalf poked the Hobbit on the head and Sam yelped. The wizard pulled him inside and onto a table. He looked livid.
Amelia snickered. "That never gets old."

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