The Otherworlders

The Otherworlders

I do not own LOTR. The pic was made by pippa_99.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The year is 2003. The day is December 19. Six teenage girls are exiting a movie theater in New Hampshire when they wish that they could be apart of Lord of the Rings (they just saw the last movie). When they wake, they are in a bar filled with small men.
The year is 1417. The day is September 23.
The world is Middle Earth.

Chapter 3

Chapter Two- Mushrooms and Riders

One thing that you would never know unless you were sent to Middle Earth is that it takes FOREVER for something to happen.
For instance, when you're walking through a dark forest with five friends and two Hobbits and it has been two hours already since you started walking, you begin to wish that Merry and Pippin would show up already and tackle you.
Of course, it would have been helpful for Gandalf to give us directions or a compass before he left us all alone in this quiet forest. That kind of thing made me wonder if Sam and Frodo had gotten lost multiple times before meeting up with Merry and Pippin.
Frodo and Sam didn't seem to mind the dullness of the trek as much as the rest of us. They just kept walking onward silently.
Amelia, who hated this more than me, kept on muttering about how she would give Gandalf a piece of her mind when she found him in Rivendell. Emma was biting her lip, a habit of hers when she was bored. The others were being awfully quiet as they trailed behind.
Finally, I couldn't stand this anymore. I marched up to Frodo, who was walking in front of me, and asked "Do you know where we're going?"
He stopped walking and turned around. "We're heading for Bree. To meet Gandalf at the Prancing Pony."
I sighed in frustration. Of course I knew that! "I mean, how do you know which way we're supposed to be going?"
The two Hobbits exchanged a look I didn't like. Sam admitted "We don't know. But we shouldn't be far from the edge of the forest, Aura."
Sam began walking again, pointedly ending the conversation. Frodo saw my expression and gave me an apologetic smile before following his friend.
Myna walked beside me in silence for a good half an hour. She finally said "'Im sure they can get us out of the forest. They made it to Bree on their own, after all."
I sighed. "Myna, I hate this. I almost wish we were already at the Prancing Pony."
"Join the club." she murmured.
I looked up at my friend, thinking of how it was weird that she and Violet were taller than the rest of us. I had noticed this in Frodo's home earlier and had been wondering about this for a while now.
"Er, Myna?"
"Yeah?" She didn't even glance down at me.
"You do realize that you and Violet are a good two feet taller than all of us?" She looked down at me and I was surprised to see that she didn't look shocked.
"Uh, yeah! I have known this for two hours, Aura. I think I know why we're both taller, too." Myna said.
I frowned. "Why?" "Well, think about it. Violet and I are, what, five foot six? And the rest of you were five foot four, at the most. I think that if you were tall on Earth, you become a Human (or maybe even an Elf) in Middle Earth. And since four of us were a little short on Earth, you four became Hobbits. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that my theory is correct. Although, Violet and I don't have pointy ears so we can't be Elves. Darn it."
I thought this over and decided she must be right. I couldn't think of a good explanation for this strange height problem and Myna's theory sounded reasonable enough.
So that meant I was a Hobbit. I looked down at my feet and saw, to my surprise, that they had hair on the top of them.
Yep, definitely a Hobbit.
Myna and I became immersed (sp?) in our own thoughts so we were silent for the remainder of the time. I was thinking about my family in New Hampshire. I wondered how much time had passed. Did they think I was dead? Did my parents think they had just my brother Derek now? I thought of my parents, crushed and heartbroken, with only my seventeen year old brother to comfort them. My heart ached at the thought.
At last, Frodo and Sam led us to the edge of the eerily quiet forest. It had been early in the morning when we'd left Bag End but now it seemed to be almost afternoon. The fields in front of us seemed as endless as that quiet forest we'd just left.
Sam turned and gave me a "What did I tell you?" look. I ignored this and we began the walk through the fields.
At one point, maybe thirty minutes into the walk through the fields, Sam stopped in his tracks. He said, a little forlornly "This is it. If I take one ore step, it'll be the farthest away from home I've ever been." Amelia murmured "I've been farther." but Sam didn't hear her.
Frodo turned around and said quietly "Come on, Sam." Sam hesitantly took a step forward and we continued walking again.
Now I was walking alongside Frodo at the front of the group. Myna, Sam, and Kat were whispering to each other behind the two of us. Emma was walking behind Myna, staring at something. Amelia and Violet were talking at the back of everyone.
My attention was focused on Emma. She was staring at Frodo, I realized. Wait, was she in love with him? Well, she had called him hot earlier.
"Aura?" I blinked and was turning away from Emma when I stumbled over a rock and would have fallen if Frodo hadn't grabbed me by the shoulders and steadied me. I probably blushed when I felt the warmth from his hands. I bet Emma wasn't too happy about this.
"Oh, sorry." I muttered, continuing to walk as if nothing had happened when he let go of me. Frodo walked beside me, smiling a little. "It's alright. You may want to watch where you're going, though." I felt a small smile tug at my lips. He seemed to have the ability to make others smile. Like my crush on Earth, Nathan Arnolds.
My mind suddenly focused on Nathan as I looked away from Frodo. I recalled his cute dimples, his dark brown hair, and his hazel-and-brown eyes. He was only a smidge taller than me on Earth and was the top of our Algebra class. He rarely ever spoke to me, and he probably didn't even know I existed.
Frodo snapped his fingers in front of my face and I was jerked back to reality (how is Middle Earth reality?).
"You daydream too much, Aura." Frodo grinned while he spoke. I blushed because that was true. "What were you thinking about anyway?"
I heistated, unsure whether I should tell Frodo about Nathan. No one knew about my crush on him; I was too embarressed about it to say anything. He had been what I was thinking about in the car before we ended up here. Frodo's blue eyes looked at me expectantly and his eyes seemed to draw the truth out of me. I heard myself say "I was thinking about the guy I like."
The hobbit raised an eyebrow in amusement. He looked like he was trying hard not to smile. He asked "Do I happen to know this guy?"
I almost laughed at that question. "You haven't ever met him but I've had a crush on him for two years." I had no idea why I was confessing my feelings about Nathan Arnolds to Frodo Baggins of all the people in the universe.
"Is he a nice guy?" Frodo asked me. I replied "Yes, very smart and kind. I don't think he knows I exist though..." Frodo smiled. "I bet he does, Aura."
Right then, a voice yelled "Mr. Frodo! Aura!" Frodo and I exchanged looks and turned around to see no one there. I sighed. "Come on. They must be farther back."
We walked back a little ways and found that the others were standing around, looking concerned. I said "Sam, you're going to wake up the whole Shire with your yelling."
He ignored my comment and breathed a sigh of relief. "I thought we'd lost you." He said sheepishly.
"Sam, is something the matter?" Frodo asked. "Oh, just something old Gandalf said. 'Don't you lose him, Samwise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to."
Frodo laughed and said "Sam, we're still in the Shire. What could possibly happen?"
Before anyone could move, Merry and Pippin arrived and tackled everyone who was in their way, which ended up being Frodo, Sam, Emma, and me. I groaned under the weight of Frodo and Pippin. Who knew Hobbits were so heavy?
Pippin cried "Look, Merry! It's Frodo Baggins! And Aura Lee!"
I saw Sam shove Merry off of him and Emma before coming over and yanking Pippin up. Frodo stood and offered me his hand. I took it and noticed Emma looking a little disappointed out of the corner of my eye. I ignored this; It wasn't my fault Frodo wanted to help me up!
I brushed myself off and saw the crops in Pippin and Merry's arms. I waited for Sam's line. Sure enough, he exclaimed "You've been in Farmer Maggot's!"
It was then that we all heard angry shouts from a man and loud barking. Violet yelled "RUN!" which was a bit unecessary (sp?).
All ten of us ran for our lives through the fields. While we raced to escape the furious farmer, Merry and Pippin called back from in front, taking turns speaking.
"We didn't take much!" Merry said.
"Just some carrots, lettuce-"
"-tomatoes, corn-"
"-radishes, and a few peas!"
"Honestly, he's WAY overreacting!"
Amelia shouted "I dunno 'bout that!"
I was so focused on getting away from Farmer Maggot that I didn't stop in time when we came to the cliff. Sam also rammed into me from behind, which didn't help matters, and we all were sent tumbling down the cliffside.
I groaned when I finally stopped rolling. I was so bruised and stiff, I just lay there. Violet, who landed beside me a bit later, staggered to her feet and helped me up. "Thanks." I said. She nodded and went over to Kat to help her up.
I felt something wet underneath my shirt so I lifted it up a little to see what was the cause of the wetness. I was horrified to see a gash above my navel that had blood seeping out of it. I quickly lowered the cloth of my shirt and thought to myself "Less than a day in Middle Earth and you've already got yourself hurt? Great job, Aura!"
I suddenly heard Frodo shout "Get off the road!" I followed the others as they climbed into a small ditch below a large long tree root. I squeezed next to Sam as Emma sat next to me. Myna and Violet pulled their legs up to their chests and lowered their heads to fit under the root.
Soon we heard the sound of horse hooves on the road and a THUD when the rider dismounted. Its black spiky hand clamped on the root right above my head and I held my breath, heart pounding faster than it should've been.
I saw Emma grab Frodo's free hand when he attempted to put the Ring on and the Hobbit slipped the evil object into his vest pocket quickly. Emma reluctantly let go of his hand and noticed me looking at her. She blushed a little and looked away. I smiled. Merry threw a large stick far off so the Nazgul (Was that what it was called? I wondered) mounted its black steed and rode away.
The ten of us climbed out of the ditch and ran through the growing darkness. Kat and I were a little ahead of the group because we had taken track and field for three years. We all stopped for a rest ten minutes later and Pippin moaned "What is going?"
Merry stepped beside Frodo, who looked scared and wasn't making eye contact with anyone. "That Black Rider was looking for something. Or someone. Frodo?" Frodo looked at Merry and Myna suddenly cried "Get down!"
We all crouched down when a Nazgul rode past us in the dark. Frodo looked at Merry again. "Sam, Violet, Emma, Aura, Amelia, Myna, Kat, and I need to leave the Shire. We have to get to Bree." Amelia murmured "That took a while to say."
Merry ignored her and nodded at his cousin. "Buckleberry Ferry. Follow me!" He ran off and we all followed him, only to find ourselves face-to-face with a Nazgul on a black horse.
Emma screamed when Merry yelled "Run, run!" Myna, whose face was stark white, lifted up her friend and began to run with her after Merry, Pippin, Violet, Sam, and Amelia, who had already begun running away. Frodo, Kat, and I raced after them, terrified of the Nazgul, which was turning around to chase after us.
I saw the ferry after a while and saw seven of our group already on board the raft. Pippin stood ready to untie the rope keeping them attcahed to the dock.
Kat ran onto the ferry, being faster than me, and Emma screamed "Frodo, Aura! Run!" I turned to look, still running, and my heart leapt to my throat. The Nazgul was gaining on us, only five feet away.
I shouted "Untie the raft!" Pippin hesitated for a second but untied the raft. It began to float away from the dock. I jumped onto the raft and turned, scared for Frodo even though I knew he would be okay.
Frodo was close to the Nazgul now and the raft was still floating away. Sam shouted "JUMP!" and Frodo leapt onto the raft, accidently tackling Sam. I watched as three Nazgul rode off, most likely angry with us.
Frodo was still gasping for air, as were most of us. "How-how long until the next stop?" He asked Merry. "Two miles." The Hobbit answered, looking a bit shaken.
I grabbed my stomach, which still hurt from tumbling down the cliffside. Amelia noticed this and she looked angry. "Aura, there's a large stain of blood on the bottom of your shirt!" She lifted up my shirt a bit and she looked paler in the moonlight. I winced when she gingerly touched the gash.
Violet said "I don't think we can do anything for it right now. Why didn't you tell us sooner, Aura?" "I-I didn't think it was important." I gave Violet an apologetic look and she bit her lip.
"Well, it seems the blood has stopped coming though. I guess you'll be alright. For now." No one spoke for the rest of the journey to Bree.

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