The Otherworlders

The Otherworlders

I do not own LOTR. The pic was made by pippa_99.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The year is 2003. The day is December 19. Six teenage girls are exiting a movie theater in New Hampshire when they wish that they could be apart of Lord of the Rings (they just saw the last movie). When they wake, they are in a bar filled with small men.
The year is 1417. The day is September 23.
The world is Middle Earth.

Chapter 61

Chapter Sixty- Home

It was one of those moments where you knew what was going to be said, didn't want to hear the terrible words, and then the reality sunk in that your whole world was totally changed. Time appeared to slow down; I heard nothing but my quickening heartbeat.
Did he really just ask her to go to the Undying Lands? I thought, trying hard not to freak out as I pictured never seeing my friend again. Why did she accept?
I noticed that my hands were faintly trembling and I hurriedly calmed down for a second so that they would stop. There was no need to act weak around them.
These are my friends we're talking about. I scolded myself. Just go ahead and cry. They aren't gonna look at you like you're a four-headed giraffe.
Nobody spoke. All eyes were on Frodo and Aura, the latter looking like she was about to break down. Frodo's eyes shone with unshed tears. Of joy or sadness, I could not tell. Possibly both.
Bilbo was the first to speak, surprisingly. "Frodo, lad, is this young hobbit lass your wife? I can't blame you for wanting her to go."
I couldn't help but smile sadly at this. Aura swallowed a lump and Frodo chuckled sadly. "Yes, she is, Bilbo."
"You are a lucky girl." Bilbo said with a smile. Aura blushed, wiping a small tear from her eyes, and whispered "I know... Too lucky."
"One can never be too lucky." Amelia murmured. "That's just impossible."
Aura raised an eyebrow, and somehow, the tension lifted slightly. Frodo and Aura, however, still looked saddened as they decided to start saying goodbye.
Frodo hugged Merry, Pippin, Kat, Amelia, and Myna before approaching me. I knelt down as Aura embraced Pippin, and pulled the hobbit to me. I whispered "Take care of Aura, okay?"
"I will." He told me softly, giving me a squeeze in reassurance.
We let go and I watched as he stopped in front of Sam, who looked like a mess with red puffy eyes, tears slipping down his face. Emma was beside him, crying still. Knowing I would break down if I watched them hug, I turned away and watched Aura embrace Kat tightly. I felt melancholy; Kat was her best friend still after all these years.
Aura gripped Amelia in a tight hug, and Amelia, being Amelia, said "Hey, this isn't goodbye. Pretend it's just like you're going on vacation to the Bahamas or something, and we're jealous of you leaving."
The males and Galadriel all looked confused as we six burst out laughing. Aura wiped a few tears as she let go of Amelia. "Oh, gosh, I'm gonna miss you, Meles."
"Have a great time." Myna said as Aura then launched into a bear hug for her. Myna knelt, eyes full of tears unshed as she hugged the hobbit girl. "I... I will." Aura replied, her voice choked up again.
She moved on finally to me, and that was when the tears began to spring to my blue eyes quickly. I didn't want to cry, even if it was in front of my friends, though. I knelt and pulled Aura to me as she sobbed silently. I whispered, my voice hoarse "You know this isn't the end. This isn't goodbye forever, right? Look at Myna; we saw her again, but we feared we wouldn't. Yet here she is."
"Violet, this is the Undying Lands, not Mirkwood." Aura whispered back, shaking against me. She felt so small at age seventeen, and it scared me, because she was taller back in Hartville. However, I was used to this, no matter how saddening it felt to be forced to kneel everytime my four friends wanted hugs.
"I don't care. We'll meet again, you'll see." I told her, trying to mean it. She nodded weakly and let go finally, hugging Sam in one swift movement.
He held her close and whispered into her ear. She nodded and released, standing face to face with Emma, whose eyes were very puffy from sobbing. A tear traced its way down both of the girls' cheeks, and Emma said in a choked voice "I'm gonna miss you." Aura and Emma gripped each other tightly, shaking visibly.
I wiped my eyes furiously as tears decided to reveal themselves. Myna told me quietly, her eyes growing puffy too "Not all tears are an evil." and I couldn't help but grin slightly at the line she stole from Gandalf.
Aura slipped Emma something, and the auburn-haired girl glanced at it with a look of shock. "For you." Aura said, her grey eyes masking some emotion I did not understand.
Emma nodded reluctantly and our hobbit friends walked to the white boat with Gandalf, Elrond, Bilbo, and Galadriel. Aura lingered by the edge once she was on, her eyes shining bright with tears, wet drops glistening on her pale cheeks. She called out in Spanish, the language we all knew from our Spanish classes nearly three years ago "Adiós, mis amigos! Usted será siempre en mi corazón. Su futuro puede ser brillante." (Goodbye, my friends! You'll always be in my heart. May your futures be bright.)
She gave us a final sad smile as Frodo was the last to climb onto the boat, and it began to sail away. He hugged Aura as she stared at us, tears running down her face. She wasn't daring to look away, I could tell.
We waved in a small gesture, not bothering to hide our tears any longer. My vision was blurring with the amount of tears I released. The boat sailed into the horizon and vanished forever.
Merry hugged Kat, who sobbed silently, and Pippin's eyes were full of tears as he held Amelia close to him. Emma and Sam exchanged sorrowful looks, both holding something. I realized Sam held the red book and smiled sadly.
Myna choked out softly "That'll be Legolas." and I shook my head sadly, feeling horrible for her. "No, he won't. Not when he has a baby boy and a wife like you."
"You don't know that." Myna whispered, sobbing. I hugged her, and said quietly "No, I don't. But I don't want you to worry about that now. Today is sad enough already."
"What's that?" Kat choked on the last word, wiping her green eyes as I pulled back from Myna.
I realized she was looking at what Emma held. A black journal. I heard Myna gasp as she too recognized it as Aura's journal from Galadriel. Why would she give it to Emma?
Emma opened it and flipped a page, shaking as she read. My three other friends and I hurried to her side, wiping our eyes.
I flipped to the first page and gasped. It had the lines of the prophecy, with small faint checkmarks written in by our names. How had she known? I saw that they all were complete now, and frowned.
Emma flipped back to the page she had been on and our eyes widened as one. Aura had written us a letter.

Emma, Amelia, Kat, Violet, and Myna:
If you are currently reading this from my black journal, I must have left for some reason, and given this to Emma. Whatever the reason, I will miss you all dearly from wherever I am. You five are like my family; you understand me the best.
Remember that wish I made two years ago under the White Tree on a shooting star? Well, my wish was my task in the prophecy. I have had multiple dreams dealing with the white boat leaving for the Grey Havens, and then us six waking back in New Hampshire, and I've realized that it will happen if I don't do something. So, I wished that I could change my wish to whatever my heart desired once the boat left the harbor, in exchange for my friends being able to stay here forever.
At first, what I desired truthfully was to go back to Hartville alone. I didn't have anyone who loved me, and I saw no reason for me to stay. I thought it would be that way for as long as it took to get the the harbor.
Here is where I should thank you guys. You all changed my heart for me. When you planned to leave Frodo and I alone in that courtyard, you made me realize that Frodo loved me, and I couldn't leave here.
I tried to stall my marriage to Frodo, knowing that it would only end in pain, but I figured that if I didn't, I would regret it for many years, so we wed only recently.
I write this on September 22, Frodo's birthday, knowing that he may have to leave soon. If he does, I cannot trust my heart to not return to its former desire. Once that boat leaves the harbor, you guys will be able to stay in Middle Earth forever, and if I somehow left, I am sorry.
Myna, you kept my secret about my crush on Frodo for so long. I can't believe you didn't even let parts slip. Even if we weren't too good of friends, I'm going to miss your boycraziness, and your love for Legolas. You have a beautiful son, whom I probably may never see, and you need to stay and take care of Orlando.
Kat, you are my best friend, and have been for so long. I missed you the most when I was off in Mordor with Sam, Frodo, and Emma. You have a great husband, you're three months pregnant, and you live in an amazing hobbit-hole. You deserve the best.
Amelia, oh, gosh, Amelia... You are by far the craziest, funniest friend I've ever had. Everything you do is so random. Sure, you've had a tough past, but you make up for that with your hilarity and sarcasm. Although your bitterness used to bother me a bit, I can't live without it. You, I believe, may have almost changed the most.
Violet, I am so happy for you. A baby on the way? That's great! I hope, whether it is a boy or a girl, that you enjoy being a parent. Maybe get some pointers from Emma or Myna. You make a lovely Queen, and I couldn't think of anyone better than Aragorn to be your husband. He'll take good care of you, and no matter how much you two occasionally fight, I know you'll love each other to the end of your days.
Emma. You and I have had a wild ride, eh? That whole jealousy incident after the Marshes, the separate captures, me punching you (I AM SO SORRY FOR THAT STILL), the sharing of my nightmares, splitting up, Shelob, Cirith Ungol, and Mount Doom... It all doesn't seem real after two years. You, my friend, have changed the most. You used to be so sensitive and we never were good friends. But, I watched you become a fighter, a hero, as you destroyed the Ring, and paid the price, while saving me from being strangled by Gollum. You are my most loyal and courageous friend, and I give this journal to you, to write in, to do whatever you wish. I no longer need it after the prophecy has finally been fulfilled. You are my Sam, and I love you, Em. Take care of Elanor, and any other kids you give birth to.
Forever you shall be in my heart, Otherworlders.
Wishing you farewell,
Aurelia Lee.

We five were deadly silent after reading that. I rubbed my big stomach, thinking of what she had said about my unborn child. I had never wanted to give birth, maybe adopt instead, and I was dreading it now. I couldn't help but smile sadly though, since she was so optimistic in her letter.
Emma was trembling, and it looked like she was going to drop the journal. She whispered, tears streaming down her face "I can't believe she would have gone back to Hartville."
"I'm glad she didn't." Kat murmured.
The rest of us nodded and muttered in agreement. The pain might have been even worse if she had just vanished and went back to life on Earth.
Sam, Merry, and Pippin stared at us five, unsure what we were talking about because they didn't read the journal. I said softly "Come on, guys. Let's go." They all nodded, and we parted out separate ways with hugs.
Myna and I rode off in different directions after a few days, and I arrived once more at Minas Tirith. I dismounted inside and went to Aragorn, who was waiting for me at the stables. I remembered what Aura had written about us both, and I teared up.
"Helinniel? What is the matter?" He inquired with worry.
"Aura, Frodo, Elrond, Bilbo, Gandalf, and Galadriel left for the Undying Lands." I explained with tears slipping down my face. Aragorn looked melancholy suddenly and embraced me, the warmth of his body reassuring me.
"I am sorry."
"It isn't your fault. It's just life. A life I wished for and received." I glanced around and took in the sights all around me, the beauty of the White City, the smell of the stables, Aragorn, my fantastic, loving husband. I touched my stomach gingerly, imagining a small boy or girl running about in two months through this place, marveling at how lucky they are to have amazing parents and a great home.
"I'm home." I whispered, stealing Sam's line from both the book and the movie.

THE END...or is it?

Oh. My. Gosh. That was the end of The Otherworlders. I'm about to cry. I'm not even joking right now.
Aura's wish wasn't what you thought, eh? I kept on changing how I worded her wish. I think the way it is now is good.
The letter is making me tear up. I love that part.
Also, I just had to steal Sam's line. It was so sad and a great ending. :)
So, the prophecy is fulfilled finally, Aura and Frodo have headed over the sea, and two of the Otherworlders are pregnant. And, soon their story will continue in a sequel! :D I cannot wait for that to be released to be read by all of you who have stuck by me ever since the prologue. (Speaking of which I am not doing another prologue for the sequel because it just messes up my chapter numbering)
I have some treats for you guys at the end of this story, by the way! If you have not already seen what Aura, Emma, Amelia, Violet, Kat, and Myna look like, I'm posting the links to their photo, which I have uploaded on Quibblo. Also, I'm posting the links to Violet's bracelet from Galadriel, and to Harma, Emma's necklace from Galadriel. If you have any requested photos (for example: Harlan) or information you'd like to know (for example: What is Amelia's middle name?), I may create a story to answer questions or put links to photos.
Final Question for you readers: What do you think the sequel will be called? (Yes, I've decided on the title; I just want to know what your guesses are)







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