Why Harry Potter is better than Twilight

Let me just say that I didn't copy this from Fanpop, or anywhere else, because I can come up with all of these reasons myself.

Chapter 1

First 50

1. Twilight could be shortened into a couple of sentences. "A girl who's name means "Beautiful Swan" moved to a place where it rains a lot, has a fetish for sparkles and people who watch her sleep, and nearly dies because of a half-human baby." Whereas in Harry Potter, there are so many stories to tell. There are way more characters that you can become attached to.You can hear about Tom Riddles past, Harry's lifetime, things about the Ministry of Magic, the Weasely Family, There are no Black and White sides. Even Harry struggled about whether or not he was turning evil. Bella's biggest problem was Edward leaving her ugly butt.

2. Harry Potter actually teaches lessons. It teaches you how to be courageous, how to learn from mistakes. The entire series shows that there is not just "Good" and "Bad", but some in between. In Twilight, you learn that vampires do not actually die in the sun, but sparkle like a moron.

3. In HP, there's so much more adventure and things going on. No one knows what's happening. Suspension, fear, and anticipation are most of my feelings as I read. In Twilight, you don't have that. Alice can always predict what's going to happen, so there's no surprise there.

4. The actors in the Harry Potter movies are WAY better than the ones in Twilight. Kristen Stewart has the same expressions each time, maybe slightly raising one eyebrow about a millimeter. Whereas in HP, you can see the look of fear on Emma's face. And the fear is not just from seeing her love almost get killed, but knowing that if she fails in helping Harry, then that could put the entire world at stake.

5. The characters actually have flaws. Reading Twilight, people begin to feel that they need to be "Hot" to be liked. You can barely relate to what Bella goes through. But with Harry Potter, Rowling can show his feelings in any point of view. Meyers can barely let you know what Bella feels. You can relate to Harry when people don't believe in him- admit it, everyone has said something that no one believes. Everyone has felt anger towards an unfair teacher, or the troubles of crushes that never last.

6. All of the extra characters play more than one part in Harry Potter. They're mentioned more than once, and not because they needed to be there. All the students- they all have completely different personalities. In Twilight, look at Mike! He's only put in the story because Meyers felt like she needed to show how "Desirable" Bella is. You really only get glimpses of his character when he's asking Bella out.

7. Bella gives up WAY too easily. Edward left, and she was depressed. She sat in her room all day and never talked to her friends. But Hermione is a different story. When Ron left, she never gave up hope. She tried to find him, and even though she cried, she still talked to Harry and did what she knew she had to do- finding Horcruxes.

8. Apart from throwing in a couple of long words, Meyers has scarcely any writing skill. I'm not saying that I can do better, but come on . Rowling understood everything she was talking about. She did plenty of research on everything, and included every detail. Meyers probably had a thesaurus of impressive looking words right next to her as she wrote.

9. In Twilight, the coolest linking story was finding out that Carlisle was in the Volturi. In Harry Potter, you find all the links: The Peverells, Voldemort's family, you even find out that Hagrid saw Sirius the night he was arrested- when Sirius gave Hagrid his motorcycle.

10. While watching DHP2, I actually cried. No. I bawled, when Snape died. Through the entire series, you come to hate Snape for what he's doing to Harry. You begin to wonder through 7 whole books: "Why does Snape hate Harry so much?" But finally, you find out that Snape almost loves Harry, because he has a part of Lily inside of him. Throughout the series, Snape has been protecting his Love's son.

11. There's deep magic in Harry Potter. It's called Love. When Lily gave her life to protect her son, she was protecting him from any killing curse. And when Harry gave his life for everyone in the world, he gave them protection, too. The only Love you read about in Twilight is the stuff between Bella and Edward. Derp Derp Derp.

12. Bella is an ungrateful little snot. She doesn't fully realize that everyone is trying to protect her, she's just like, "Oh, I'll jump off a cliff now. I don't care what that will do to Charlie, or Renee, or Jacob, I just want to see Edward."
And in Harry Potter, all of the characters are super grateful, especially Harry. He knows the risks that he's putting at for everyone, so he gives up his freakin life .

13. Harry Potter goes to show that not everyone can live. There will always be deaths in life, whether you want it to happen or not. Rowling killed off some favorite characters because it shows the seriousness of the situation. Dumbledore, the greatest Wizard of all time, was killed so easily. And look who else died because of their resistance! Because they were brave! Dumbledore, Snape, Lily, James, Sirius, Lupin, Mad-Eye, Tonks, Lavender, Fred! But in Twilight, all the characters have a happily ever after. There's not even a battle in the last book. Yawn

14. Harry Potter teaches a good deal about Prejudice. Rowling brought to life so many different creatures. Look at the (realistic) werewolves! They're shunned, and so are Goblins and House-Elves.

15 Twilight is too predictable and thrown clumsily together. Harry potter is not predictable and JK Rowling ties all knots and answers all questions.

16. There are clues put in the first books that will eventually have a great significance later on. (ex: in SS, Harry talked to a snake at the zoo. We always thought it was just part of being a wizard, but it reveals itself to be parseltongue which was very useful for him later on)

17. The villains are villains for a reason. Rowling told us why Voldemort and the Death Eaters did what they did. Voldemort was ambitious- he wanted immortality, power. But the Volturi? I have no explanation there.

18. JKR doesn't repeat herself 500 times, using the same comparison EVERY SINGLE TIME. We get it Edward is hard and cold like granite; you don't need to use that analogy every time his name is mentioned.

19. You can see the characters in HP fall in love and watch as their feelings for each other grow. In Twilight, Bella falls "unconditionally and irrevocably in love" with Edward in just a few weeks, without knowing anything at all about him, other than he's a hot vampire (that's like granite of course rolls eyes) if 2 people really were to fall "in love" that fast they would probably fall out of love even faster.

20. Harry Potter inspires people in way more ways than Twilight could ever inspire any one else. When I read the series, I didn't suddenly leap up, grab a twig, and shout "EXPELLIARMUS!" (I did that in later years) , but I actually began standing up for myself and others, following Harry's examples. I began to study more, thus earning better grades (Hermione's example). And I felt more grateful for my family, beginning to think, "What if something happens to any of them? What if I never see them again?" This is following Ron's example.
You can follow Bella's example by letting people in your room while your parents are sleeping.

21. Harry Potter is not based off of a dream the author had. "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." -Albus Dumbledore.

22. Dumbledore is a very wise man. I know it's a bit of an oxy-moron when I say that in a way, he reminds me of Jesus. Did you know that "Where your treasure is, is where your heart is also" was taken from the Bible? Dumbledore's spirit lingered on, almost in the way that Jesus rose from the dead. (Though Jesus is better than Dumbledore any day.)

23. HP quotes are so much less cheesy than twilight quotes "If I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I’m not ashamed of it." - Edward Cullen vs. "to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure" - Albus Dumbledore

24. Rowling sticks to the rules and boundaries that she sets in her fantasy. No one truly comes back to life in the way that they are actually there, solid and bound to the earth. If it was Meyers that had attempted to write this book, she probably would have made the Sorcerer's Stone bring people back to life, and would have had Harry use it on his parents in the first book.

25. Twilight has a massive anti-base and there are many, many people who don't like the book. Not so with Harry Potter. There are very few people who hate it. And the HP antis are mainly those saying it's again Christianity and barely have any valid arguments. Oh yeah, also the rabid Twilight fan girls.

26. It can be read by a massive audience. Twilight is really only enjoyed by teenage girls who will eventually realize how bad a book Twilight is when they grow up. Children to adults read Harry Potter. Not only with age, but people who are different and like different genres read it (and enjoy it). Mainly because it has so many genres within it.

27. No one cares if Bella ate a granola bar for breakfast, and no one is even listening when she says (for the 57th time) how incredibly attractive and "heart-stopping" Edward is.

28. If I told Twilight fans that the world was about to end, they would cry and try to find their "Soul mate". If I told Harry Potter fans that the world was about to end, they would stay strong, and try to help save the world.

29. I've heard so many Twi-fans say that Harry Potter is hard to read. Harry Potter is in the 5th-6th grade reading level. If you can't understand it, chances are, you're just stupid.

30. Little things in HP turn out to be very important! i.e. the locket in OOtP the bug in Hermione’s hair, secret keepers, Snape begging Harry to look at him and so much more!

31. The world! There's Quidditch, wizard bands, shops, a whole ministry! Sweets, villages, transport ways, clocks, pictures and oh so many things! What do the so-called-vampires have in Twilight? Nothing!

32. The names... Don't get me STARTED on the names. Lord Voldemort even sounds evil... James definitely doesn't sound evil. Dumbledore sounds good. Edward- Jacob? Plain names! Draco Malfoy is the bad boy of the school and his name sounds royal- like he believes he is- as well as someone who might be snobby. I really doubt that LAUREN sounds snobby to anyone who listens to her name alone.

33. Hogwarts! I have a hard time dealing with the fact that Hogwarts isn't real. I mean, how the hell can JK Rowling come up with all that stuff in her mind? Moving staircases, dungeons, moving portraits and enchanted ceilings! Wow... but the school Twilight has is... Forks High School. Boring much?

34. Robert Pattinson was just as 'handsome' back in Goblet of Fire. People only like him because of his character in Twilight and how perfect he is (by playing the character otherwise no one called him perfect before.) That hardly counts as fair! Daniel Radcliffe and the rest are known for their acting and their characters- not because of their looks.

35. The two guys who save Bella's life are Jacob and Edward. Seriously, it gets boring when it happens a thousand times. Harry is saved by Dumbledore, Snape, Ron, Hermione, Cedric and so many more! Plus, he saves them too from terrible fates.

36. The Death Eaters are WAY more awesome than the Volturi. All the Volturi do is sit down on their thrones and wait for some news to reach their ears so they can roll their eyes and send guards to kill them if they want to. If they think its serious enough, they go, talk it out and come back! The Death Eaters kill people!!! That makes them EVIL... something to be scared of! And yes, I really think there should be a Volturi-Death-Eater match and I BET that the Death Eaters will win hands down.

37. Voldemort. Evil of all evilness. People are scared to say is name . While James, Victoria and Laurent are, of course, described as "beautiful". Ooh, how intimidating.

38. Harry and Edward: Edward is a sissy vampire who only cares about Bella and no one else. He's stayed with Carlisle for 104 years and he is ready to throw him away for someone who he has only been in his life for a few months. He is shallow, over-protective and a stalker. Harry is brave and he lets Ginny go because he knows that he might even get murdered by Voldemort. He is prepared to sacrifice himself for everyone and not just Ginny. He is NOT overprotective- the way he lets Ginny fight in the Order of the Phoenix proves that. That just shows he is secure about her and trusts her unlike Edward.

39. The movie effects. Seriously, the blood in Twilight looked so fake, almost like ketchup squirted on to a hand. When the vamps ran, it looked like they were on a treadmill. What, do trees leap out of their way? Granted, the effects for the first 2 Potters sucked, but those were YEARS back. Just look at the Dragon in the GoF! And all the spells!

40. JK Rowling doesn't throw her characters away. She makes sure that they have a role even AFTER the problem is solved. For example, after Bella got married to Edward, Jessica, Angela, Mike and everyone else from her school just disappeared! Meyer threw them away without even explaining what happened to them. JK Rowling made sure that she explained what was going on with the characters. Neville became a teacher at Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy and Harry didn't loathe each other as much... every character has their own little worlds that are described, briefly, by JK Rowling.

41. JKR created an entire world, based off her imagination. Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Godric's Hollow! It's all fake, but feels real. And the meadow in Meyers' books? It came to her in a dream. Snicker

42. So look at the romance comparisons: Edward and Bella, Ron and Hermione.
Edward watches her sleep, wants to suck her blood, impregnates her. Their kisses are so often and Bella wants to try "it" with him before they're married.
Throughout the series, you never see this coming. They try to make each other jealous, and never realize the true feelings themselves. But when they suddenly do realize their emotions, that's the special part about it. And there were no details of the kiss that wanted to make me puke. Kudos to Rowling!

43. Harry Potter was written first. We all know that. Look at the similarities between the two:

- Renesmee Cullen looks JUST like her dad (dad's hair) and moms eyes. Harry looks JUST like his dad (Dad's hair) and has his mom's eyes.
- A love triangle between a girl her best friend and her best friend's nemesis.
(Lily/James/Snape) (Bella/Edweirdo/Jacob)
- Where the hero (Harry) leaves his girlfriend to protect her from dangers of his past.
Edward leaves Bella to try to 'protect' her form dangers of his.
-Sirius Black- Motorcycle, Black hair with the length, Black as a last name oh yeah and the ability to turn into a giant canine at will
Jacob Black- A horrible version of Sirius.

44. In the very first chapter, it's not about how Harry thought he was dying, such as Bella did. It started out talking about the Dursleys. The day after Lily and James died.

45. When the first Harry Potter film was created, J.K Rowling was asked if she would play Lily Potter in the Mirror of Erised. J.K Rowling said no, because she didn't think a author of a book should be in the film.
What did Stephenie Meyer do? She is in the film, as a random lady with a laptop. Why do she need to be in her own movie? Really?

46. Rowling created her own sport! Have you ever tried doing that? Believe me, it's difficult. And Meyers had her vampires play baseball.

47. The whole Twilight series sold somewhere around 30.5 million copies. And Harry Potter series (up to Book 4) sold 324 million copies.

48.One of the hardest things to do is relate to kids, teenagers in particular. Teachers struggle with it constantly. If you attempt to talk to them as if you’re one of them, it can come off as condescending, belittling, and at worst, stupid. This is exactly what Twilight does. Harry Potter never talks down to its audience, frequently putting common youthful feelings of loss, awkwardness, and friendship at the forefront of its themes. While Potter is fighting He Who Must Not Be Named, he is also dealing with complicated relationships that suffer due to jealousy and lying.

49. Harry Potter fans are way more... civilized, in a way. We're not crazy fan girls screaming at others because they don't share our opinions. We're not intellectually challenged (Not saying that all Twifans are), and we understand Rowling's extensive vocabulary.

50. JKR acts her age, not her shoe size. JKR listens to criticism and addresses it in a mature, thought out, and civil way. Stephanie Meyer on the other hand refuses to listen to it. her brother screens the emails and letters she gets from fans before letting her read them so that her feelings aren't hurt by those who don't absolutely adore her book series.. She childishly runs away from all criticism, even when its meant to be constructive. She's acting like a bratty, stuck up 12 year old who is convinced that they know everything. Even when she is forced to face criticism in a public Q&A or whatever, whenever an intelligent question is asked (i.g. What would you say to those who complain that your books are anti-feminist) she responds with some annoyingly stupid answer that is so incredibly condescending to the asker (i.e. "You're reading to much into it!" or "It's a fantasy! it's not supposed to be realistic!") seriously, google "Stephanie Meyer addresses criticism" nothing will come up but other complaints from readers.


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