Directioner Ten Commandments

I got the idea for this from a picture--somebody had stuck a copy of "Dare To Dream" by 1D in the bible section in Barnes&Noble.

So, I figured, if that's the Directioner Bible, we HAVE to have commandments! And we are. If this offends anyone, you have my most sincere apologies. I didn't mean to at all.

If you like it, send it on!

Chapter 1



1. Thou shalt not maim The Boys or any of Their clothes or possessions.

2. Thou shalt not kill or maim any Directionator (although @PlasticBieber and @PlasticKimmy and any other @Plastics that may spring up art exceptions to this commandment. Do as thou pleaseth with them).

3. Thou shalt learn random facts about The Boys and The Band.

4. edited because it made people sad Thou shalt learn the lyrics of all The Songs.

5. Thou shalt not maim any Directioner-who-has-gotten-tickets out of petty jealousy.

6. Thou shalt follow The Boys on twitter (if you have no twitter, a facebook page or just having a tumblr will suffice).

7. Thou shalt impulse-buy any and all paraphenelia for sale having to do with The Boys or The Band or The Music.

8. Thou shalt not break apart the sacred bond known as Larry Stylinson.

9. Thou shalt not ever do your homework, in favor of spending time with The Boys.

10. Thou shalt love every Directioner like they were your own sister or brother--because thou art a family.


You are living your One Direction fantasy.


You are living your day-to-day life, but one thing is different--One Direction does not exist. You still remember them, all their lyrics, their faces, their names, everything...but there is no physical proof.

No music.

No interviews.

No wiki pages.

No tumblr accounts or blogs.

No GIFs.

No posters/shirts/other things.

Nothing but your memories. And whenever you try and convince others, they look at you like "...dafuq?!?!?!" Nobody believes you. No one.


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