What's in my room?

Chapter 1

Survey About my Room

How many windows are in your room?
two on one wall, and their both taller than me. This place is really old.

What color are your walls?
A light beige color.

Hardwood floor, tile or carpet?

Do you get ready in the day in your room or your bathroom?
mostly in my room, I might go into the bathroom to see that I brushed my hair well. I've been using the bathroom a little more lately because I've been going on job interviews and putting on a small amount of make-up.

What size bed do you have?
california king

What does your comforter look like?
it's a coffee color, but I have a red fleece on my bed as well. I get cold easily and this is the first summer we've had AC since I was about 12 (10 years ago) - so I'm still getting used to it.

Is your room big?
It's a decent size, but the bed does take up quite a bit of room.

Is it clean?
pretty much yeah - i just came back after being away for two months so I did a bit of organizing when I came home.

Have you ever done it in your room?
yeah, I have

Do you have a ceiling?
doesnt everyone? - exactly

Do you have a nightlight?
nope, I don't.

Do you have the following in your room:
()More than 3 sources of light
( )Phone
()Chair/dish chair
( )CD Player/stereo
( )Bean bag
( )Walk in closet
()Large mirror
( )Drumset
( )Bathroom
()Clothes on the floor
( )Box of tissues
( )Lava lamp
( )Smoke detector
( )Piano/keyboard
( )Bongos
(X)A bin
(X)Locking door
( )Can of soda
(X)Bottle of water
(X)Playstation or other game source
( )A black light
( )Something about your own country
( )Medals
( )Trophies
( )Water polo ball
( )Softball stuff
( )Beachball
(X)Over 100 CDs
( )Surround sound
( )Sofa
(X)Empty liquor bottles
( )Flag
( )Stop sign
( )Caution tape
( )Paintball gun
( )Dog/cat bed
(X)Picture of GF/BF by bed


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