Lang Love Story

Lang Love Story

Two students at U of M meet in an unexpected way :) Follow their fun little StarKid adventure

Chapter 1

Kyranne "Kyra" Jones

Name: Kyranne “Kyra” Jones
Appearance: Short dirty blond hair, dark brown (almost black) eyes with specks of gold, 5’3”, 106 lbs (average)
Hi my name is Kyranne, but you can call me Kyra. I am a student at the University of Michigan and I major in singing and the performing arts. I’m also taking play writing. My best friend is a totall jerk, but she’s the only girl that will talk to me. Everyone else thinks I’m a jerk. I’m not. Just because I hang out with a.sses doesn’t mean I am one! Hopefully I’ll make a new friend this year :) Well anyways, I’m glad you wanna read my story. Let’s see how interesting my life is. See ya :D <3 XD :)

Alright I’m sorry it took so long to post my internet broke down thanks to a stupid storm! Well, that’s what it’s like here in Alabama… anyway my friend is going to make this a group story with me.

Love to you all!

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