Lang Love Story

Lang Love Story

Two students at U of M meet in an unexpected way :) Follow their fun little StarKid adventure

Chapter 3

Last Friday Night

WARNING: This chapter contains mild raping and violence

"Get back here, Biitch!" my boyfriend Sawyer screamed at me. My best friend Samantha stood at his side, a look of lust on her face.

"No, get away from me!" I try to escape my dorm, but Sawyer pushed me against the door and forced his body close to mine. He put his left hand on my breast while his right began to wonder under my shirt, "No, please!" I tried to squirm away but he just used that to pull off my shirt.

He grabbed my shoulders and forced me upside down on my bed. Samantha sauntered over and unhooked my bra and pulled it off. Sawyer turned me over and each took hold of one of my bare breasts.

"Help! Help me!" I screamed louder than before

"Shut up!" His free hand slapped me hard in the face. Samantha's hand that wasn't playing reached down and began to unbutton my jeans.

"No! Help me!" Suddenly the door burst open and two boys and one girl stood in the frame.

"Step away from her." The larger of the two boys stepped forward.

Sawyer pulled me off the bed and held me in a standing head lock, "Take one more step and I swear I'll snap her neck"

The three looked at each other, unsure of what to do.

"Now get in here. And lock the door." Sawyer demanded. They hesitated but obeyed none the less. The girl stood in between the two boys. Each one simultaneously grabbed one of her hands and squeezed it, "Sit over there." Sawyer pointed to the far side of the room. They obeyed.

Sawyer looked at Samantha. She nodded. He sighed. He thrust me onto the bed, reached into his back pocket and pulled out a gun. I backed away from him to the head board of the bed.

Without pause he cocked the gun and shot at Samantha. She fell back onto the wall, three holes in her stomach gushed red. Her eyes fluttered to a close. I could have sworn she was smiling.

Sawyer turned to me. The smaller of the boys rushed up and threw himself in front of me, shielding my body with his. Sawyer's head cocked to one side and smirked, "you know, Kyra, I don't think I'll ever stop loving you." He held the gun to his head and a shot rang out. His body crumpled and fell before my bed.

I looked in shock at my dead boyfriend. The boy guarding me turned toward me. He looked me square in the eyes, his eyes not straying to my bare chest once. I tried to hold back the tears, but it came out more as a choke. Finally I just let them fall. The boy pulled me into his arms and I gladly collapsed into him. The other two made their way over to the bed and joined in the hug. After ten minutes of us all sobbing, the bigger boy gave us one last squeeze and pulled out his phone.

He dialed 911 and within minutes the cops had arrived. I used my blankets to cover myself as they interrogated me about every detail of the event that just occurred.

Finally the cops left with the bodies. I looked over at my three heroes and forced a weak smile. The girl smiled back and walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down slowly. She placed a gentle hand on my bare back.

"I'm Lauren"

"Kyranna. My friends call me Kyra"

"I'm Joe Walker, but my friends call me Walker" The larger of the two walked up.

"Nick," the smaller one pipes up. He seems suddenly shy.

"Here," Lauren handed me a pair of pajamas she probably pulled from my drawer, "Would you like us to leave you alone to change?"

"N-No. Nick, Walker, could you just... turn away... please." I stuttered. They nodded and turned toward the wall. I sighed and pulled the Hufflepuff t-shirt over myself, finally covered. I pull off my jeans Samantha tried to force off me not hours before. I pulled my yellow and black cotton pajamas over my underwear, "Y'all can turn around now," Joe and Nick turned around and clapped as they saw me. I giggled.

"Come on, sleepover at my place," Lauren laughed and grabbed my hand as we made our way through the hallway and into her dorm room.

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