I Got A Heart On For You-A George Weasley love story part 10

Ed Sheeran Simple Plan Marianas Trench and All Time Low. That is all.

Chapter 1


I woke up and dressed quickly. http://www.polyvore.com/day_at_class/set?id=50902746 I was practically skipping down to the common room. I wanted to see if my potion had worked. I then saw Katie and George sitting in the same armchair, snogging. I was devastated. I should have known, I thought. The antidote was almost perfect. Not perfect. I felt tears flood my eyes like tsunami tides. I rushed from the common room and started running through the corridors. I didn't know where I was going. Somewhere far, far away from Katie and George. I took a right turn and ran right into Oliver. "Bri! Bri what's wrong?" he asked. He took my face in his hands and turned my head up so he could see me. Tears were still rushing down my face. He wiped the tears away with his thumbs. I think he could tell what was wrong by the look that I gave him. He pulled me close to him in a tight hug. I sobbed into his chest, leaving a big damp spot on his shirt. When I was finished crying, I lifted my head and wiped my eyes. His arms were still wrapped around me. He pulled me slightly away from him. "Are you ok?" He asked. He was really concerned. I nodded weakley. He pulled me back in close to him. I wanted to stay there forever in his arms. I didn't want to go back and see George. I wanted to stay right in this one spot, with Olivers manly Scottish arms wrapped around me. I felt safe right where I was, I felt as though no one could hurt me. "I think we should go, we're going to be late for class," Oliver said. I nodded and he walked me to my next class. We stood outside the Charms classroom for a bit, hand in hand. "Your sure your ok?" he asked again. "Yeah, I'm fine now." I smiled at him. He smiled back and turned to leave for his class, but I wouldn't let go of his hand. He turned back and looked at me with a confused look on his face. "I love you," I told him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He kissed me back. Oliver pulled away first. "I love you too." he smiled and let go. He waved goodbye and headed to his class. When I entered the classroom, all eyes were on me. Obviously because I was late. George was also looking at me, I could see him from the corner of my eye. My eyes must have still been red from crying. I wouldn't turn my head and look at him. I refusesd. I sat in my chair, and focused on the class.

+ + + + +

As soon as my last class was finished, I rushed to the Great Hall to find Oliver for lunch. I saw him standing at the far end of the table, talking to some of his friends. I smiled and ran towards him. I stopped right beside him and hooked my arm through his. "Hi Oliver," I said, kissing him on the cheek. His friends gave me weird looks, I had never really talked to them. I grabbed Oliver's hand. "I have a free period after lunch. How about you?" I asked him. He pulled out his agenda, which had Divination written in the next slot. "Free period for me too." Oliver smirked and put the agenda back in his bag. As soon as lunch was finished, we ran and hid behind the hanging tapestry on the wall beside the portrait of Greg the Smarmy in the Entrance Hall. We stayed there hand in hand until the flow off people had dispersed. We ran as fast as we could to the lilac tree we always sit near. I giggled and layed on the soft grass. Oliver layed down beside me. The sky was a brilliant blue, and the clouds floated lazily by. We spent some of our time identifying shapes of the clouds.
"That one kind of looks like a dragon," I pointed out the sharp teeth and long sweeping tail.
"Well, I think that one looks like a broomstick," Oliver said in a matter-of-fact tone.
I rolled over onto my side to face Oliver.
"is that all you think about? Quidditch?" I grinned.
"Quidditch is important to me," Oliver said.
"I know it is," I said. "I'm only kidding anyways. You're very passionate about Quidditch," I smiled and kissed him.
He pulled me closer and kissed me again. When we pulled away, Oliver stood up. I gave him a quiestioning look.
"Race you to the lake!" As soon as he said it he turned and bolted towards the lake.
"You little-!" I immediantly stood ip and chased him, laughing.
"Beat you!" Oliver laughed.
"Only because you had a head start," I said. I could have beat him easy.
"Wanna go swimming?" Oliver asked.
"I don't know..it would look kind of suspicious if we walked into the castle soaking wet."
We stood in silence for a while, looking at each other. In one swift motion, Oliver lunged at me and swept me off my feet. He lifted me into his arms, bridal style. I shrieked and clung to his shirt. We laughed for a couple seconds. Suddenly, Oliver lunged again and threw me into the lake. I splashed into the lake, my scream muffled by the water, turning it into bubbles. The cold shocked me, and chilled me to the bone. i kicked hard until my head broke the surface. i looked back at Oliver, watching him sitting on the ground laughing.
"You should have seen your face!!"
Even though I was angry, I couldn't help laughing along with him. I watched again as Oliver slipped offhis shoes, and pulled off his socks. What was he doing? He grinned at me while losening his tie.


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