A Suprising Secret ( A Harry Potter Story)

Name: Serena Rose Potter (named Serena after Sirius Black and Rose after Remus Lupin and her Mom and Aunt who were both named after flowers)
Age: 14
Looks: Exactly like Lily Potter. Shoulder-length, curly, auburn hair. Green almond shaped eyes. Very, very pale. About 5'4.

Chapter 1

The Secret Revealed

Serena's POV

I sat in Dumbledore's office. I had used a Portkey, to get here...Hogwarts, I never thought that I would come here. Clarisse had told me all about Hogwarts. But I hadn't been allowed to come when I turned 11 because...well, because no one but Clarisse and my father James knew I exsisted.

Dumbledore swept in. "So, Serena, this is definitely an interesting turn of events. Is it not?"

"Yes sir." I said. It was indeed an, interesting turn of events. You see I wasn't even supposed to exist. But perhaps you need a little bit of back story.

13 years ago, a boy survived an attempt that was made to kill him. That boy, The Boy Who Lived; Harry Potter...well, he's my twin.

I was born 20 minutes after my brother, my mother was unconsious at the time and just Clarisse Claire, the healer witch who delivered us. And my father, James Potter. Where awake at the time. My father knew that it would be dangerous for both Harry and I, since he and my mother had upset Voldemort so many times. So he had asked Clarisse to raise me, in secret of course and they had kept Harry. My mother never did find out about me.

Clarisse raised me as her own. My father had named me before she had taken me. And had written me a letter explaining why he had done it. Along with the letter was a picture of him, my mother, and Harry. I treasured the letter and the picture...it was all I had of my family.

Clarisse made sure that I knew everything that I needed in case I went to Hogwarts (between you and me, I think she knew that I wouldn't be going until she died). I excelled in Potions, and I did very well in everything else that she taught me. When I turned 11...well, no letter from Hogwarts came for me. I was confused at first, but then I understood. I wasn't even supposed to exist...and just like there can be unregistered Animagus...well there can be witches and wizards unknown to the the Ministry of Magic.

Three years passed, I continued to learn everything that I needed to know just in case I got to go to Hogwarts. Then a few months ago, Clarisse fell ill. She couldn't do anything. And I watched her die. Since we lived among Muggles the Ministry had to come and collect all of her magical things. And that's when they found me.

http://www.polyvore.com/arrival/set?id=63412865&lid=2042168#stream_box (her outfit)

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