Creed's Betrayal

Everything was normal until Silquin finds out the leader has an evil plot. Meeting up with Akemi along the way, they have to find a way to put a stop to his plot. Will they be able to work together or will find a way?

Chapter 1

Normal Days

I am Akemi(A-Kim-EE) I'm 17 years old my date of birth is July 13, 1464 in Roma, Italy.

As I'm 'Owling' high above the city on a ledge in a tower, I see the fields just beyond the city walls. Farmers are picking berries, wheat, and corn along with other foods. Fishers are making their catch of the day while their children play. I remember my novice days. trying to throw a knife perfectly, hiding, training day and night. Now I'm an assassin, I help those in need, I kill those who need it. I help for the better,and try to make peace.

An Eagle passes by me. The wind is blowing gently, People don't notice me so high up, in the tower. looking out on the ledge, I heave a sigh and with that I jump. Doing a flawless Leap of Faith in to hay below me. I hop out of the hay, brush off some on me and walk toward the den.

Children wave at me as I walk past. Assassin's have a strong presents here, they aren't afraid of us, and shouldn't be. Unless they are Templar's. I wave back and say "Hello" or "Morning" while making my way to the Den. It's early in the morning so not a lot of people are out quit yet. It's a very peaceful, normal day. The kind I love.

As I walk into the Den, I see fellow Assassin's eating their breakfast or getting back from a mission. I walk by while nodding to them and smiling. I grab an apple for a snack while waiting for a mission.

I remember my parents, They were both Assassins. I was born into the Creed, But I love it here. My parents both died, They died together. That was 5 years ago, when i was 12 years old. I do not let that get in the way of my happiness. I still love doing what I was born into. The scar across my nose reminds me everyday what of what i learned, and what not to do.

And what not to do is get in the middle of a battle, and not know what to do. Always be ready for that fate, that will happen.

I learn to be brave, not show fear, and be ready for anything.

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