Respost Thing

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Sam_Love
1) If u could change ur name to anything what would it be? Something unique, like Niquia( Ni-kee-a)
2) What instrument would u like to play? Guitar
3) Can u play a instrument if so what? Yess clarinet and I am learning bass drum and piano
4) Favorite 2 colors? Blue and Orange
5) Favorite 2 song names and their artists? Jesus Take the Wheel-Carrie Underwood Redneck Woman-Gretchen Wilson
6) Favorite film name? Grease
7) Do u like singing? Sorta, but I'm not very good
8) Do u have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend? Yep:)
9) Color of ur hair? Brownish, blonde
10) Color of ur eyes? Change from blue to green
11) What vehicle to u want to ride the most? Just an old truck( this way I can go muddin with my friend(: )
12) Are u in love? Yes
13) If u could be any animal what would u be? A wolf:)
14) If u could be any Supernatural creature what would u be? probably a vampire (not because of twilight)
15) What Country would u like to visit the most? Italy
Re-post if you want or if your bored :)


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