My cry for help

I wrote this while I was studying for my Geography test yesterday. This is what I can do in 20 minutes and a boring yet somewhat tough subject.

Chapter 1

The Voices

I hear voices in my head,
They tell me to write.
But I must fight them,
Resist with all my might.

I hear them laugh.
They call me a silly little child.
They play a little rough,
And finally turn my face into a smile.

"Please stop!" I try and yell.
But my efforts are wasted.
They tell me to scream all I want; because there's no one I can tell.
So I do as they say, and write instead.

I feel them getting stronger.
I can hear them everywhere.
But they don't stop; because they don't care.

My parents are happy.
My teachers call them good.
They voices make me feel crappy,
Because my words are misunderstood.

This poem is true.
The words are heart-felt.
This goes out to you,
This is my cry for help.


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