Please read for virtual pie :)

Yay! Featured Memeber! :D

Chapter 1


So if any of my oh-so-wonderful comrades cared to scroll down on the Quibblo homepage, you may have seen my profile picture. You look and see-- HOLY SHIZA, RUSSIA IS FEATURED MEMBER!!! No? Well that was me...

I want to thank my friends who have stuck with me since the beginning and have provided me with many laughs and good stories. It is hard to believe how far I've cone from that lost Happy Tree Friends fangirl to big and strong Russia :)
You guys are the best!

But what kind of celebration is one without cake, pie, and cookies? Well...still a celebration, but not as awesome.... Take all the food you want! Vodka's on me! VODKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~! (Gotta love Hetalia references)


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