My attempt at photography (and art) :P CHAPTER 2 UPDATE

Sometimes I randomly think about becoming a photographer when I grow up...random, I know. Just keep reading.

Chapter 1

Random Pics

by: omgbye
So I was on my computer bored as helI and procrastinating as usual...and I found some pictures I took over summer break. Honestly in my opinion, they don't look THAT bad, considering my ZERO photography skills and knowledge and my lack of ownership of one of those really fancy expensive cameras...I just point the lens and stare at the screen and click the button when I think the picture looks cool (in my opinion). So just to hear YOUR opinion, I uploaded a few random pics on my album and it would be awesome if you took a look and gave me some feedback. Most (actually all..) are pretty much just nature, trees, sky, flowers, and stuff like that.

Anyway, here's a link to one of the photos I think turned out cool. You can just go through my album if you wanna see more.

And I repeat, I am totally unprofessional and have no experience or anything whatsoever in photography. I might take it as an elective in high school later on though to improve...

So depending on how much feedback/responses I get on the photos, I might upload some more throughout the week/month. Cuz I have literally around 300-900+ pictures that I took over summer -.-


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