My true lesbian love story

This is a story of a current event happening in my life... I am in 6th grade and this is how it happened

Chapter 1


I wake up and strech, another day of 4th grade out of many. I hop out of bed and feel the cold wooden floor beneath my feet. I start by brushing tough knots out of my beautiful blonde hair. As I slip on my clothes and get ready for school, my mom is in the kitchen making my lunch for the day. I brush my white teeth and grab my backpack and lunchbox. My sister and I head out the door along with my mother. She drives us to school, I head to my classroom when the bell rang, unload my backpack in the cabinet, and talk to friends. Class starts; my teacher explains that we have a new student and she will be here soon. As she finishes the new student walks in, my teacher says "Class welcome our new student Cammile" Cammile smiles and says "Actually it's Cammi". She was beautiful. I new I was in love with her from the moment I saw her, lucky me I dress like a boy and am very attractive to most girls (I am a girl and a lesbian but no one knows that). I am my teacher's favorite and I don't get in trouble often so she sat her next to me (Are desks are arranged in rows). I introduce myself saying "Hi Cammi, my names Noelle" she smiles at me shyly and says innocently "Hi..." The rest of the class we don't talk but I catch her staring at me a lot and I return those stares and she smiles.

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