Please Read

Seriously? No one reads these anyway.

Chapter 1

Massive Favour From You Guys

Sup Peoples!!! It's The One And Only Ester here with something very important to ask of you.

So, you know how I have like, 1... 2... 3... 3 stories in progress right now?

You are probably yelling at your computer monitor, screaming "YES OF COURSE I KNOW!!!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ANOTHER CHAPTER FOREVER YOU STUPID NUMPTY!!!!!"

Well, my brain has become a mass of plutonic jelly and has just stopped working (Right before yearly exams too!).

Basically, I am asking- no, begging down on my knees for someone to write the next chapters to my stories.

I am so far behind schedule that I'm sure my eagerly-awaiting readers will tear my throat out if I set foot in public. Therefore, if you message me, I will tell you where I intended the next chapter to go and you can write away, right away (I know, I'm so punny).

For your help, I will include a character of your choice (Within specific guidelines) and a cookie (::).

Please help! I will love you forever and ever if you do.

P.S. I can have one writer writing all three chapters or three separate writers for each of the stories (Just depends on how many people decide to help me)

P.S.S. If more than three people are willing to help me, I will toss their names in a hat and the three people I pull out can write the chapters so it is fair.

Thankyou and you are all awesome!


Ester xx


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