Embarrasing things you have to admit you've done

Embarrasing things you have to admit you've done

the picture above goes for number 12 (ME: XD XD XD XD)

Chapter 1

You have to admit you've probably done almost every one of these. XD

comment the number of each on you’ve done before

1.) Accidentally typed something you were listening to/ saying _____________

2.) Texted while you were in bed and dropped the phone on your face_____________

3.) Looked at a picture of dessert on the computer and start drooling at it________________

4.)had like a frozen pea or something on a plate and kept trying to stab it but missing_____

5.) Make somebody cry then make them laugh so you won’t get in trouble( Me: XD)___

6.) Got distracted while you were walking and bumped into a door or something_______

7.) got home from school, looked in a mirror and thought, “have I looked like this all day?”__________

8.)got distracted while your teacher was saying something then realize you missed the entire lesson and don’t know what to do________________________

9.) looked at an amazing picture and think, “I can draw that!” and end up drawing a doodle version of it____________________

10.) watching a video and it keeps stopping at the same part and you have to keep re-winding it____________

11.) your friends start singing and you start singing extra loud cuz u think ur awesome and know all the words then forget the words and you’re all like O.O_________

12.) got seated next to your crush and everyone around you is like (^)

13.) Done something really stupid around your crush

14.) been staring at and drooling at your crush and they look over and your like "Whaa----"

15.) when your teacher asks a question, ur like "I know!" then you answer all confidently and get it wrong

16.) if you were wearing a skirt and you drop a pencil, step on the back of your skirt and when you stand up your skirt gets pulled down

so how did u like it? don't forget to comment how many you've done and which ones! (I've done every single one XD )
ME GUSTA. o__o


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