R.I.P Amanda Todd

Chapter 1


Amanda Todd was a beautiful soul who took her own life because of bullies. Her story is so...so....theres not even a word to describe it. Her life was so amazing, so normal, until she made one mistake...one mistake that would follow her for years.

No one will ever or did ever deserve what she went through and how it ended. No one should be tormented that much.

She posted a youtube video on September 7, 2012. She hung herself and was found dead Wednesday October 10, 2012.

Her youtube video is found here:

Read some of those comments. I cannot believe that people would sit there and put some of those comments, those hurtful, mean horrible comments, when she already had it so bad. :'(

She was only 15, less then a month away from being 16.

Bullying NEEDS to stop! This is not something that can happen again. This is not something that can keep happening over an over again. When are people going to realize that words hurt. Names hurt.

What you find to be joking around could have tipped someone over the edge. It could have made then go a little further into depression, commit suicide, begin being depressed, etc.

Think before you say. Think before you act. Because you just may have ruined someones life.

Rest in Paradise Amanda Todd. You were an amazing and incredible soul who did not deserve this. Ever.

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