The Long and Winding Road: A Beatles love affair

A Beatles-filled story that could end in either cascades of blossoming love or a devistatingly horrible tragedy...keep reading to find out what will happen to you and your Beatle! (I'll try not to be too evil with the suspense! (heh heh heeehhh))

**NOTE** ~~This is a comment-determined story!! If you want to know what happens to you and your Beatle, please comment on a chapter and state which chapter it was for!! Also; I can take requests! If you'd like for something to happen, message me!

Chapter 1

I've Just Seen a Face


After a long day at work, you're on your way home when you notice someone is following you at a run. A little afraid since it's pitch black and you hear of these things ending badly but wanting to know who it is, you slowly turn around as soon as they get close enough to a street lamp that you can see their face. John Lennon is the one chasing after you and it looks like he's carrying something.
"Hey there!" He's out of breath but he can still talk between gasps. "You.... forgot... your purse back there.... at that restaurant.... you work for...Uuuhh" He keeps gasping for a minute or so and has to grip his side because of a cramp. He looks up at your grateful and bewildered face and smiles. Suddenly he stops huffing and puffing and stands straight up. "Did you know you have beautiful eyes?" He asks.
A little confused and shocked by the sudden random compliment, you start to studder. "W-w-well... I s-sup-p-pose..." you manage to say. John's smile grows into a mischevous grin.
"Any chance you'd like to come to lunch with me tomorrow? Your choice!" You look into those deep chocolate eyes of his and simply can't resist. "Brilliant! Call me tomorrow morning and tell me where we're going and such," he says happily. He turns to go but you realize you're missing something.
"Wait!" You call to him. He turns back around, still smiling. "I don't have your phone number!" He grins at you again.
"You know my name, love," he says with a wink. "Look up my number."


You are walking home in the rain from another disappointing day at your now ex-job. You know it'll be hard to find work again but you can't say you'll miss your pathetic job there. It didn't make much difference in the bills, anyway. As you pass by a park bench, you see a familiar-looking man sitting and playing a guitar. He's singing softly to himself and you realize it's Paul McCartney! You try your best not to linger behind him but you can't resist another few seconds of his sweet voice.
As you start to walk away, you hear his singing grow louder and, somehow, more beautiful. "Before this dance is through, I think I love you too. I'm so happy when you dance with me..." Suddenly, you feel yourself being swung around and danced with. Paul is still singing but he put down his guitar and picked you up instead. As you dance with him you realize that he's also serenading you!
"Hello," he says after the song is finished. "You're (Your Name), aren't you? I saw you storming out of your job earlier and crying a bit, so I figured you could use a pick-me-up! How about a drink or something? Just us? I'll buy." You smile and blush, embarrassed that he saw you, but knowing that you could really use the drink and you'd be having it with your favorite Beatle, you simply can't refuse. You gladly accept the invitation and, with a single graceful movement, Paul picks up his guitar with one hand and offers the other to you. You are a little bewildered at what just happened but you are totally okay with it! Gingerly, you take Paul's hand and you start walking through an imaginary sea of clouds toward the nearest pub.


On your day off from work, you decide to walk to the library and find something to pass the time. You are wandering through the shelves, not watching where you're going, and you run right into someone who was coming around a corner, both of you being knocked to the ground. As you help him up and grab some of the books he dropped, you notice the quiet "Sorry. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't walk and read..." is in a very familiar voice. You both look up at the same time and you realize it is George Harrison.
"H-hello, Mr. Harrison," you squeak. "I-I-I'm very s-s-sorry about the books!" He looks up at you again and smiles softly. He reaches over and picks up a book from the shelves and hands it to you. You both stand up and you smile at him.
"It's a really good one. It makes you think..." He sort of trails off for a moment. As you read the back cover of the book, you feel his hand slip into yours. Once you feel the fingers tighten around yours, you give a little gasp and look up to meet his gorgeous hazel eyes. He puts down the books he's holding and takes the one he gave you from your now limp hand. He places it carefully on the shelf next to his books and quietly takes your other hand. Your eyes meet and, for just a moment, you are a little scared of him.
"Uummm... Would you...? Uuuhhh..." He starts out. He clears his throat and tries again, succeeding this time. "Would you like to come to dinner with me?"
A little confused but, having felt your heart nearly rip itself out of your chest at the question, you blush brighter than you ever had before in your life and quietly give an almost unrecognizable nod. He slowly lets go of your hands and picks the books back up. He tells you where he would like to meet you and what time to be there. Then, blushing bright red, George leans over and kisses you lightly on the cheek. He quickly scampers away to check out the books and to quit being tomato-coloured. You stand in the bookshelves, dumbfounded, with the feel of his lips on your cheek still there.


You are at a Beatles concert to see your favorite four guys do their thing. You got front-row tickets (somehow) and are actually able to hear the music over all the screaming. I KNOW, RIGHT?? CRAZY! You are sitting there listening to the last bit of "She Loves You" when the song ends but the hi-hat cymbal doesn't. You notice that Paul has to go over and get Ringo's attention to tell him that the song is over. You see Ringo apologizing and gesturing with the sticks. He looks and points right at you! Multiple times!
As he's flailing the sticks around, he accidentally knocks over one of the crash cymbals and it rolls across the stage toward you. You catch it before it can fall off the stage and, without looking, hand it up to who you think is a stagehand.
"Thanks for that," says the man you handed it to. The voice is deep and a little sad but there is a sense of happiness behind it. You look up with wide eyes to see the soft smile and big, sad, blue eyes of Ringo himself.
"Y-you're welcome, Mr. Starkey," you say to him, not realizing until it's too late that you used his real name. You quickley gasp and put your hands over your mouth. Ringo just laughs at this and smiles even bigger.
"'Mr. Starkey'! How formal!" He laughs again "You know, if you were to stay after the show, I bet I could get you backstage. For one, I think you'd like that and, for another, I think I would like that too. Sound good?" You blush at the thought of Ringo Starr wanting to take you backstage with the Beatles. By personal invitation, no less! Your favorite member of your favorite band asking you to hang out! Of course you accept. You and Ringo share another smile before he heads back to his drums. You slowly turn around (due to the sudden stunned silence immediately behind you) to find that three girls have fainted and at least twenty others are shellshocked and are standing with their jaws dropped. You smile and shrug at them and turn back aroud as the next song starts. Ringo doesn't screw up again the rest of the night, but you also notice that he doesn't take his eyes off of you the entire time.


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