Liv at Satome (Uta no prince sama fanfiction)

Liv at Satome (Uta no prince sama fanfiction)

What Satome would be like if I was there! :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Day Before Satome

A quick note, this is going to be in journal style.
Character Bio’s
Name: Liv Rosemarie Hudson (I’m not using my real last name, ok I’m using the last name I had before I was adopted… My nickname, and my middle name)
Hair: Blonde turning auburn due to weird family quality
Eyes: dark blue varies to blue green and gray
Skin: yellowish tint
Bio: My mom = great grandma that’s all you really need to know for this
Age: since the school starts in I’m guessing by the snow at the beginning Dec. I’ll be 15
The day before school
Today I packed, and paced around my room. I sang encouraging songs all day to calm down. I’m going to go to my dream school! My mom isn’t very happy that I’m going somewhere where I have to stay in a dorm, but after so much begging, she finally understood how important getting into Satome is to me. Music, Singing, Dance, Acting, It’s my life, even if I’m not very talented at singing, I can’t give up without trying, it’s just not me! I’m so amazingly nervous about tomorrow; I doubt I’ll get any sleep tonight, plus my dog Goldie won’t get off my bed (a twin bed). One Golds knows something is up, and two, I wanted to sleep with her because it’s my last night at home. I know Goldsters going to miss me. My family practically smothered me with attention today, much to my annoyance. I don’t mean to be so bitter towards them, I love them to death, but I just like my space. I wish someone would understand that. It’d be nice if I could go one day without rambling when I try to write in my journal. I forget sometimes, that’s just who I am. I hope this journal will understand. I’m starting this new journal today; a new journal for a new chapter in my life. Wow, look at me thinking about an inanimate objects feeling, I’ve always known I’m crazy, in a good way that’s uniquely me. I should stop writing, and go to bed now.
I can’t believe this three am and I still can’t sleep. My stomach is filled with butterflies and my mind is reeling with questions.
What kind of people are there?
Will I make good friends, or will I be a loner?
Will I learn what I want to?
What’s a boarding school like?
What are the guys like? (What am I thinking, don’t ask that. NO BOY CRAZYNESS ALLOWED!)
I don’t want to repeat last year’s mistakes. That’s right, I have I barely friends now. The friends I had last year weren’t true friends, except for a few, like Riku. I guess that’s a lesson to people who have no confidence, the friends you make then, might not like it when you gain confidence, and they can’t control you anymore. I’m confident now, and I don’t plan on changing it, it feels so great to be me, and only me. I’m going to put this pen down, and attempt to get some sleep now. Wish me luck tomorrow!

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