Just Another Hogwarts Story

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Chapter 1

Titles Give Too Much Away

"... So the square route of 21 is..." my Mathematics teacher droned on and on. Truthfully I wasn't paying any attention to her, I was doodling very pretty pictures of her though. (Sarcasm there.)
As I added her oh-so-amazing unibrow something very peculiar indeed occured. I heard a continuous tapping on the huge windows on my right side. So, naturally, I turned to my right and saw a large brown barn owl, pecking away at the window, a letter tied to its little leg.
I looked up to make sure Mrs. Dwendle, the unibrowed Mathematics teacher, wasn't looking before I slid off my chair and crawled stealthily towards the large window where the owl was pecking.
I quickly and quietly opened the window just enough to where I could get the barn owl in. Carefully I swept her into the room and with much difficulty carried her back to my seat.
Well by this time everyone in the room was staring at me but Mrs. Dwendle who could say a speech without hesitating once with a full out rampage going on directly under her nose.
I crawled back into my desk and set the brown owl on my lap. I untied the letter that was tied to her leg and read in my head-

We are pleased to say Mrs. Miya Sparrow has been accepted to attend
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Room 38E, PHE, Desk on the third row sixth collum

That last part freaked me out a bit but I smiled all the same. "WOOT WOOT! I'm a friggin witch!" I felt like crying out. So I did.
The few people who weren't alredy staring at me commenced doing so, one of the people included a certain unibrowed teacher.


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