There's an anime con coming next month...not sure yet if I'm going or not but I wanna be prepared just in case...

Chapter 1

Who to cosplay as?

by: omgbye
Ok, DONT LAUGH! But I have never been to any anime conventions before. I'm not even a hundred percent sure if I'm going to this one but I wanna have something ready just in case...Plus we're gonna be having a Cosplay Day at school soon too and I actually want to participate in this event for obvious reasons..

So I need some suggestions on who I can cosplay as...
There's a list of all the anime I have watched/am watching above in the link. But if you have any other suggestions, go ahead.

I need something SIMPLE yet recognizable...ya know what I mean? I'm not gonna go out and buy some weird flashy outfit for over a hundred bucks just for one convention...So it needs to be something I can put together with the things I have or somethings I can find and get easily at the mall.

AS FOR THE WIGS: I don't know where'v you been for the last year and a half or so, but I think I made it clear enough times that I am a MUSLIM. Meaning I wear a SCARF whenever I go out. So instead of wigs, I was thinking of getting a specific colored scarf and style it a certain way to go with the cosplay or something like don't gimme a list of characters with crazy weird hair!

NOTE: I also wear glasses, so a glasses character would be an awesome bonus :P I have black rectangular "nerd"-like glasses, rectangular brown glasses, and somewhat rectangle pink and black glasses. If thats any help...


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