Welcome to Xavier's school for gifted youngsters (read intro please)

Ok well this is a story based around the X-men. It may not all be accurate but it's just for your entertainment xD please enjoy and comment and rate

Chapter 1


Jean looked over the unconsious teenage girl on her hospital bed. She looked so weak, The thick metal collar around her neck stopped her powers, She didn't want another insident like Logan. She pulled the cap off the needle and placed the tip of the needle to the girls arm, as it peirced her skin she leaped from the table and grabbed Jean's neck. Breathing heavily and looking around insanely. She dropped Jean to the ground and ran out of the room. She rushed around, pawing at doors, still breathing heavily. A door opened and she ran inside, next she found herself in a room, a big wooden desk with a man in a wheelchair looking at her. 'Scarlet' he said with a smile, 'Do sit down'. She sat on a big chair and tried to slow down her breathing. she looked down, she was in her underwear and had wires stuck to her skin with sergical tape. 'I suppose you wish to know where you are, and who i am'. Scarlet nodded, staring around blankly. 'My name is Charles Xavier, i own this school for the gifted' noticing no reply from scarlet he continued, 'This is a school for mutants, like you, we teach the students how to control there power' Scarlet let out a sarcastic snort before saying, 'I'm of to get some clothes, see ya later wheels'.
She left the room and walked down the corridors, She heard a wolf whistle behind her 'Hey hey' a boy said when she turned around, she rolled her eyes at him and continued walking, he jogged up beside her, 'I'm John' She ignored him
'what's your name' she stopped.
'I'm Scarlet, if you know what's good for you you'll back off before i singe your eyebrows' he laughed, flicked a ligther and a little ball of fire floated above his palm, She smiled at him. 'Nice' she said and clicked her fingers, a nearly identical flame appeared in her hand, 'Jealous flame boy? i can create mine'
'I think im gonna like you' then he left.
Scarlet picked up an abandoned jumper on the back of a chair to cover her modesty. 'Scarlet' Jean tapped her on the shoulder
'I was wondering if you'd come back to the hospital with me, there's a pair of jean in it for you'
'Only if you promise not to stick needles in me'

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