Little white lies

A alternative story to shaman shinigami, same characters and that but a alternative plot and story. Still torixtoshiro by the way but I do think this is a more of a relationship based story.

Chapter 1

Unexpected hellos

\Damn it\
"The central 46 has required me to send one captain to the world of the living to deal with a potential threat" head captain yamamato spoke with his gruff elderly voice as he watched the line up of captains; still noticing the wounds in the ranks as the 3 gaps , where traitors once stood, stuck out like a sore thumb.
"Why do we need to send such a high ranking officer exactly with a 'potential threat', could a lower ranking officer not take the place as we are all busy with repairing from war still" unohaha spoke, it wasn't a disrespectful tone but more of a concerned one since she was already rushed off her feet with treating officers who really didnt want to be treated.
"I understand our position yet in order to deal with this quickly, cut the weed at the root before it grows, this war started with a few whispers and suspicion which cannot happen again. I trust in central 46 and have appointed a captain who would be appropriate and would be capable of the task"
That was how toshiro had ended up taking this solo mission; the most thing he feared was leaving rangiku in charge and alone in the barracks yet now he was fighting for air
It had seemed to be quite straight forward; he had been told exactly where to go yet he wasn't sure what he was suppose to be looking for- so he was standing around in the middle of a forest in the middle of no where with the nearest town being at least a hour away. In his opinion this may of been a good thing since it meant less human interference.

He had been there for what had seemed like ages - he wasn't known for being patient. He was hot, he was agitated and he was not happy. That's what he got really for going to such a nowhere place like Izumo, in fact he had never heard of Izumo till the meeting that meeting this morning.

He didnt know what happened as even for him he wasn't able to keep up:
A clang of metal
A gush of blood from his chest as pain surged through his body
He fell hard to the floor before he could even mutter a syllable of his zanpakutos realise
A laugh rang through his ears : sounding like a villain from one of the books granny used to read to him
A brief sight of a cloaked figure flash stepping away into oblivion

Why couldn't he sense it? What happened? Was that the threat he had been warned about? To make things worse the sky above had darkened with rain clouds as it poured down; covering the landscape in this grey wash. The only other colour he saw was crimson red which drenched his uniform.

He looked at his hand, dripping in blood and rain that ran down like a tear from his hand to the ground.

Is this the end?

He had been stabbed in the back yet he could tell that the attacker had gone for the chest, snapping ribs and deflating a lung- that was proberly the minimum as he was just dripping in blood. With no squad 4 member or even a person in sight his chances of survival were low. To make it worse he was in his gigai when he had been attacked, thinking that he would just pop out using a soul candy if he saw something yet this turned out no to be the case. At least if someone saw his dead body they would think it to be a murder or some kind of suicide, maybe if he was lucky then he wouldn't be found at all.

He had a good life and was content with his death - it was on a mission in his highly regarded captain status. Maybe there were things he wished he had done or said but he wouldn't take back his memories for the world.

He could feel breathing becoming harder as his eye vision dulled and fuzzed.
He closed his eyes peacefully. He wouldn't be one to die screaming or begging. No he would die in dignity and in peace.

"Hey are you ok?" A voice rang out from the darkness, it was so sweet and youthful, it was the best voice he had heard, it was beautiful.
He opened his eyes slightly.
He was met by a angel; silky smooth cinnamon brown hair, soft sun kissed skin, these gorgeous night sky eyes that just pierced his very being and this little trinket in one of her bangs of these little blue beads with a red tassel tip - he couldn't keep his eyes off her. She had this smile that melted his heart, his ice cold heart actually melting from this one girl.
He wanted to just keep looking at this face, this perfect face, to touch it, to hold it; yet he soon felt a rush of pain from his chest making him clinch in pain.

damn it

As he was consumed by darkness once more.

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