A Halloween To Remember

A Halloween To Remember

I've always known that there was something strange about my neighbor Dr. Pivens. My twin, Patricia, called me crazy when I told her about him.
I had been observing the doctor for the past few weeks. I was going to find that old man's problem. I just had to.
Little did Patricia and I know that this Halloween truly was going to be a Halloween to remember.

Chapter 1

The Man Across the Street

"I'm not crazy! There is definitely something wrong with that man!" I said closing the bedroom door behind me. Patricia smiled as she sat on her bed. "Caitlyn, get a hold of yourself! Dr. Pivens is not weird, he's just different. You're being paranoid." she said plugging in her laptop.
"No, I'm not!" I muttered sitting next to her. "Yes, you are." she said turning her attention to the computer screen.
I took a good look at Patricia. She was slightly thinner than me and her hair was just a shade lighter than mine. Her hair was in a bun. Always in a bun. She never liked having it down.
She'd always been the bookish girl that doesn't speak much. She never liked sports and she could never stand up for herself. Sometimes I wish she'd grow a spine. My twin sister, was my total opposite.
She eyed me through the corner of her glasses. "Why don't you believe me?" I asked looking her straight in the eye. "Caitlyn, I don't believe you because there's nothing wrong with the him! He's just a sweet, normal, misunderstood old man." she said. I got off her bed and started pacing around the room.
"Here are some facts that prove he's weird. He never leaves his house, he's always dressed in black and he is just plain weird." I pointed out.
"Let's go!" Patricia said pulling me towards the door.
"Where exactly are you taking me?"
"To Dr. Pivens'!"

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