If one more person makes another repost, I am going to flip the fvck out.

Chapter 1


Oh. My. Wizard. God. You know what's ridiculous? Reposting. It's so stupid! Honestly, how maany people really read them? Most of us look at our inbox, see a repost, sigh in irritation, and delete it. This has been bothering me forever, but now it's just pissing me off.

Lets start with this. You get home after a long day of school. You finally finish your homework and get on Quibblo, like you've wanted to all day. So you log on and see that you have 50 invites. Instantly, 10 stories that you've been waiting to be updated race through your mind, along with a few people you message and a few people who make really amazing quizzes. So you click on your inbox to see what's been updated and who messaged back and who made something new. And what do you get?

10 questions repost! Repost this if you have a heart! Repost,repost, repost! You almost strangle your computer. Reposts are not why you joined Quibblo. So after going through pages and pages of reposts, you see that no one made anything interesteing, no one messaged you back, no one updated. All they've done is repost.

That sucks, doesn't it? That's what a lot if people, me included, see every time they log into Quibblo. I don't get the point of reposting. It doesn't do anything! And those "Repost if you have a heart" ones drive me mad. I almost read them, buy then I go "Screw this shiit, I'm a heartless biitch!" And delete. It's. Annoying. As. Fvck. It's not like a repost is going to save somebody's life.

And those people constantly posting about their personal life? You have no idea how many times I read them and want to scream"No one gives a fvck!" You can vent about shiit that sucks, you can celebrate when something awesome happens, you can say when you aren't going to be on much, but don't do it every damn day! Moderation people,moderation! Those people who post dozens of stories about their personal life are probably fake anyways.

Now, I know I'll probably get some hate for this, maybe I'll lose a few people onmy friends list, butI couldn't care less.

Just about to post this, and I have a new message. How much money says it's a repost?


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