The 3rd captains book of jokes

This is what happens when you put the last 3rd captain gin with the current captain Kotori - you get madness. This book illustrates the chaos that is unleashed if you would ever be stupid enough to get the to meet.

Chapter 1

Light bulb

A light bulb goes out just before a captains' meeting.

Captain Soifon and Captain Hitsugaya refuse to help because it is boring, not because

Captain Kurotsuchi takes a reading with an odd device and runs off to his lab. He estimates it will take seven days to fix.

Captain Kuchiki feels it is below his rank to fix such things.

(They aren't captains any more) Tosen helpfully points out that it's not bothering him.

It is bothering Captain Komamura, but he decides to say it's not to be sensitive to Tosen (who doesn't care).

Captain Ukitake isn't there. He's "sick" hanging out naked at a mixed s(ex) bathhouse resort "for his health".

Captain Kyoraku isn't paying attention. He's day dreaming about hanging out naked at a mixed s(ex)bathhouse resort.

Captain Zaraki reaches up to fix it, but then realizes it one of those stupid kido ones.

Captain Yamamoto has been sleeping through the whole thing, so Captain Unohana sighs and fixes it with her eyes closed.

Aizen claims that he fixed it ten chapters ago; he just didn't allow you to see it.

Captain kotori and Ichimaru break it again just to see what happens.

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