One Hero at a Time (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles [Remake])

One Hero at a Time (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles [Remake])

Chapter 1

Leo Valdez.

Leo sighed in frustration throwing his screwdriver to the side. This whole thing was pointless in his eyes. He'd been trying to make this for a month nearly and still Leo wasn't happy with it. Plus, he had no clue what it was going to be used for, and the only reason he was making it was because his father had asked him to about a month and a half ago.

He was asleep in his cabin and the dream was great! He was the leader of a group for once. That's when the scene changed and he was in a workshop. He wouldn't of minded it so much if it weren't for the fact that a fuzzy picture was being projected from a very antique looking projector. Leo could just make out what the picture was, and didn't exactly make him feel great, more like it made him feel awkward.

It was Hephaestus, his dad.

"Can you hear me, Leo?" Hephaestus asked him. Leo nodded a little too glumly. For most people seeing their godly parent excited them, but not for Leo. It made him nervous and awkward. It also tended to remind him of his mother. He shrugged off the thought for now as Hephaestus began to speak further. "I want you to listen, because this is very important," he took a pause so that it could sink in for Leo. "In Bunker Nine there's a blue print, it is of what looks like a bus. I want you to find it and I want you start building it the second you do find it."

Leo looked at him, an eyebrow raised in question. Why did he have to build a... bus? Why was a bus very important to make? However, Leo found out that you should never doubt a god or goddess. Even if that goddess has messed with your mind and as a child set you to sleep in a fire. "What's it for?" Leo managed to ask him.

"You'll see," Hephaestus said. "Now, I have to go, look hard for that blueprint, Leo."

With that, Hephaestus vanished from view and the scene before Leo went black. Too bad. The workshop looked like an interesting place to explore.

So, here Leo was, grease stained, hands sore and tired, sitting on a small wooden stool trying to put a project together that made absolutely no sense to him. He wished Hephaestus had told him more, but since that encounter he hasn't heard from Hephaestus. Not that he was actually complaining, Leo preferred not to talk to his.. dad. Calling him his dad made Leo feel really awkward. He wasn't quiet ready to call him that yet, so he just called him Hephaestus most of the time.

Leo wasn't alone in the bunker. Most of his step-brothers and sisters usually made their way to the bunker to make things. Little Harley was working on making a mini robot at the moment just across from him.

In the centre of the bunker was a very large bus, still not completed.

The bus had two stories on it, completed with bedrooms, a seating area, bathrooms and a control room. Sadly, the bus reminded Leo very much of the Argo II.

"Leo, why don't you get some rest," his step sister, Nyssa, said to him, clapping him on the back. "You've been working on this for a month and you've got barely any sleep since you started."

Leo sighed. Nyssa was right, but he couldn't find it in him to leave the project. Hephaestus had told him this was important, and Leo knew he had to finish it soon otherwise his dad wouldn't have brought it up. Then again, Leo's eyelids felt heavy and his whole body felt like lead, overcome with exhaustion. Thinking about getting some sleep seemed to excite him. Maybe the 'bus' could wait until tomorrow.

"Fine, I'll go," Leo muttered.

Walking back from Bunker Nine seemed to take Leo forever. They really should build a mini car to drive from here back to the cabins. Leo let that thought wonder into the back of his mind, he would definitely have to remember that for later so that he could do it. Leo was so tired he found himself tripping easily over sticks and stones on the ground.

He cursed as he stumbled over another one just at the edge of the forest.

He sighed in relief at the sight of Camp Half Blood. It was only evening time and everybody had done their training for the day. Leo usually ditched the training as he knew he was useless as swinging a sword. He was fine with defending himself with a hammer and a few other tools which he usually got from his magic tool belt which was wrapped around his waist.

As he passed the Arena he saw Percy practising with his sword.

Leo has this theory that Percy has a little hut inside the arena as whenever Leo passed it, Percy was seen practising.

Percy looked away from the dummy for a split second to see Leo standing there. Percy waved cheerily to Leo who had to use all his strength to raise his arm to wave back. Leo use to think he was fit from all the push ups and jumping jacks Coach Hedge (Who actually turned out to be a satyr) use to make them do in the Wilderness School, but ever since he came to Camp Half Blood he realised he was definitely not as fit as he thought he was.

Percy beckoned Leo over to him, and Leo walked to him.

"What's up, man?" Percy asked him. "You look dead."

"Still working on the thing my dad told me to make," Leo told him. Leo didn't feel like it was a secret to keep from his friends, so the day after the dream, he told them all about it. They offered to help, but sometimes he preferred to do things by himself. "Why are you always training? Don't you ever get tired?"

Leo picked up a sword, which felt way too awkward in his hands. He wasn't good with any weapons at all, but that didn't matter, he could easily defend himself with his fire skill. He could just produce fire whenever he needed to- or whenever he got a little too excited or angry.

"Well, ya, but who knows when this training will pay off," Percy said, swinging his sword and cutting a poor innocent dummy in half. All around them was bits of dummies everywhere. He guessed that this was all due to Percy. "Will you tell Annabeth I'll be done training in five minutes?" Percy asked him.

Annabeth, a girl who actually did frighten Leo quiet a bit, to be truthful. First off, Annabeth could kill Leo if she needed to, secondly, Annabeth was way too smart and that sort of bore Leo a lot. It wasn't his fault Leo preferred to have fun while Annabeth liked to study, which weirdly enough she considered that 'fun'. He guessed that most Athena children were like that, and it wasn't Annabeth's fault her mother was like way too smart.

"Sure, see you at dinner," Leo nodded, turning on his heel and leaving the arena.

He found Annabeth outside of her cabin talking to one of his best friends, Piper McLean. Piper looked a little startled and worried, and Annabeth shared the same expressions. He wondered what could be bothering the two of them so much.

"Hey," he said, joining them. Immediately both girls stopped talking and he looked at them curiously. "Um, Annabeth, Percy told me to tell you that he'll be done training in five minutes."

"Oh, great," she replied. "Thanks, Leo."

Both of them had pallor skin and he began to feel anxious. What was wrong that made them like this? "Is something wrong?" He asked before he could stop himself. What? He was a naturally curious (NOT nosy) person. Plus, these were his friends and he was only looking out for them, really. Piper forced a smile in his direction, and Leo knew she didn't have to answer for him to know the truth. Something was wrong with them, and he knew it wasn't going to be good.

"It's really nothing to worry about at the moment, Leo," Annabeth promised him. The shakiness of her voice made him think otherwise, but he decided if they didn't want to tell him right now, then he should drop it. "Are you coming to dinner?" She asked changing the subject. Another strange thing to do which left Leo more anxious to know what was going on.

He furrowed his eyebrows together. "Uh, no.. I think I'm just going to go to bed."

When he was leaving he heard Piper say something to Annabeth. "Chiron doesn't think it will involve any of us again, does he?"

Leo really wished he hadn't heard that part.

So, yes, yes I did make a remake. Ha, there was way too many mistakes in the last one, so I hope you don't mind very much! :O Em.. This is draft number two, and I will be keeping this one and WILL NOT be changing it! XD :P So, sorry about any inconvenience this may cause to my readers! :)

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