Tomorrow's Enemy

The year is 3007. Pollution has taken over the world. Power and electricity is lost. All people live in are gated towns called communities. A deadly sickness breaks out and there is no immunization unless they have electricity. Everybody knows of only one person who has just a bit of saved electricity but no one would ever confront him because he is evil. Until three heroes decide to try their luck...

Chapter 1

The plague

I thought today would turn out as any other normal day. I woke up to the sound of mom making breakfast. Not wanting to wake up, I put the pillow over my ear and fell back to sleep.
"Lily! Get up! You're going to be late for school!" cried my mother down the hall.
I groaned and opened my eyes.
I live in a one floor home with my little sister Bella, baby brother Jakey, and mom and dad. I am thirteen years old, and I'm lucky I get my own room because most of the other kids in the community have to share.
I got groggily out of bed, threw some clothes on, and looked in the mirror. I brushed my straight blonde hair out of my blue eyes and sighed. I wish I were prettier, I thought to myself.
"Lily Parker get up right now!" cried my mother for the second time.
"I'm coming I'm coming!"
I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a piece of bread, and was about to walk out the doorway when my mother stopped me.
"Oh and Lily could you tell Bella's teacher that she won't be here today? She's got a fever."
"Sure mom."
I walked out the door and looked at the brownish sky. I remembered an old man who used to tell stories about his ancestors who lived in the world when the skies were blue and the trees were green and there were colorful flowers. Now everything is just a shade of brown, people say it's from us polluting the earth but I don't get how you could ruin such a wonderful place.
Walking up to the school yard I could see my classmates walking up too.
"Lily!" Cried someone behind me.
I turned around and saw it was my best friend Cate.
"Hey Cate!" I said, smiling.
"Hello! Aren't you so nervous for that geography test we're having?"
"No not really." I said uncaring.
Cate's real name is Catherine Monroe but we all call her Cate. She gets nervous easily and is also scared of a lot of things. She's very shy and quiet and she's a really good singer, she has brown, curly hair and hazel eyes. She was also always apologizing for little things she did wrong that no one even noticed. In other words, she was totally opposite of me.
We walked into the school house, which was a building with only three classrooms, kindergarten through second grade was in the first, third grade through fifth grade was in the second room and sixth grade through eighth was in the third.
I stopped by the first room to tell Mrs. Peterson about Bella, she told me that was too bad and that she hoped she got better soon.
Since we were seventh graders we walked to the third classroom just before class started.
For half the day I listened to Mr. Beikmann's voice droan on and on about geography and spelling and math. I was smart, but I couldn't stand being cooped up in this little school while I could be doing something outside.
At lunchtime I got a phone call from my mom, she sounded worried.
"Lily you better come home, there's something wrong with Bella, she's not acting right."
She hung up right away and I was worried. I grabbed Cate and we left school without even telling anyone.
When we arrived at our house I saw the doctor kneeling next to Bella who was lying on the couch. The doctor looked up at us and motioned us into the next room.
"What's wrong with her?" asked my mom worridly.
"It's a bad case, maybe deadly." said the doctor. My mom gasped. "It's been spreading, I've had lots of patients with it and most of them are dying."
My mom looked like she was going to faint.
"Y-you mean our Bella's dying?"
The doctor shook his head. "No, but after a few days it will get worse and worse until eventually well-"
"And there's no cure?"
"Me and some other doctors are working on it but we need electricity, something we haven't had for fifteen years now."
"What about that Luxor Maxxes?" I asked "Doesn't he have the last of the electricity?"
"Don't even speak his name Lily." said my mother "He is not an option."
I knew Luxor Maxxes was evil. After all, he had started World War III and he's the one who had made us lose most of the electricity. But if it could save my sister, I wouldn't care if it were satan who had it.
Then I had an idea. I pulled Cate into another room and spoke to her quietly.
"We need to find the electricity, we need to get to Maxxes."
"Your crazy." said Cate," He'd never give you any plus remember, everbody says never to go outside the gates, you'd be killed."
I looked into her scared hazel eyes.
"We have to." I said,"And I'm not going to change my mind, meet me at the front entrance, tomorrow morning, 5:00 sharp."
"No way."
"The sickness is spreading quickly, your parents might get it too, then would you be saying no way?"
"I guess not."
"Okay 5:00 sharp tomorrow."
"Why do we have to leave so early?"
"So no on sees us!" I said as if it were something obvious, "I'm going to bring my bow and arrow and maybe some throwing knives, so I guess you don't need a weapon."
And then I shooed her out of the house as my mother came in, sobbing.

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