once upon a time

this is lori's life. she hates her life. she wants it to end. she suffers. play through it, this is not a real happy story

Chapter 1

when i was born

My name is lori. that is plain to see. When i was born my mom and dad loved me. i was a small child and incredibly smart. i didn't speak much- even back then.I remember my sixth birthday, plain and clear. Me, my mother, father, little brother, and twin were driving back home from grandmothers home. It was our right of way but a drunk driver hit us. I instinctively wrapped around my twin , Marie. The crash killed my little brother and my mother died on impact. my dad managed to make it for the short while, I felt the thousands of shards shatter across my back and arms, warm thick blood was oozing out of the deep wounds. one shard sliced awkwardly slitting my throat and my sister's cheek in one instant. I heard the distant blare of sirens behind us trying to cut threw the traffic and save us. We were all rushed to the hospital, as they tried saving my dad i watched refusing help until i watched him die.
" Clear!" the doctor yelled and bolt of electricity flew threw my father's lifeless body jolting him but not saving him. the sound of a steady beep cut threw the air, it was enough for me to finally realize i had no parents.
i must of fainted due to blood loss, or maybe trauma but i was in a hospital bed with thousands of cords connecting to me. I only say half of the world because my face was bandaged. Next to me was my smiling sister.
" Hello sleepy head! " she said trying to make this dark and grim seen seem pleasant and normal.
I tried to talk but it came out a garbled mess that sounded much like a dog whimpering and farting at the same time.
" The doctor says you won't be able to talk for awhile..." another voice says
i turn to see a burly man with slick black hair and a pinched nose. it was the first time i realized another person was in this room.The sigh that escaped was soft and even it sounded raspy.
" I'm Nicolaus Bettears I am in charge of you until they place you in a group home." he said his voice was surprisingly gruff and pleasant but he had the undeniable coy smile. No he wasn't happy that our parents died he just had the natural look. I held out my hand palm upward, and somehow my sister realized i wanted a mirror. She placed it in my hand and i saw it. At first i didn't recognize myself. But my healthy look was gone i was only skin and bones. it looked as if someone took a skeleton vacuum sealed skin over it and placed a giant nightgown to hide the core and most of the upper body, my big full of life blue eyes seemed dull and empty, my shining black hair was dull and dead as my eyes. But what was the most scary thing was the scar rippling diagonally across my face with stitches running all across it and another one around my throat. my tan skin was pale as ever from being sunlight deprived i looked, in one word, horrid. I sat up struggling to breath as i did making my head spin so fast i thought i was going to pass out.
" Lori take it slow. " Nichols said. I shrugged the disappointment was already too much to bare.
i wanted to ask why. Why i was so homely? So ragged and unkempt? I was out for no more than a hour or so right? But for some reason that felt false. Like that was a lie and i was gone longer than a hour or two. I looked at my beloved sister and raised my eyebrow, and she understood perfectly.
" You were out a little over a year..." she whispered


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