The Secret Life of an American Demi-God

The Secret Life of an American Demi-God

When Elektra first came to Camp Half-Blood she came a very different way then anyone else did. She came fighting a giant snake. She easily defeated the snake but not without nearly killing herself in the process. After she healed she because friends with alot of people and made some enemies as well.

This is the outfit she came to camp in:

Chapter 1

The Characters

Major Characters
Full Name: Elektra Jinx Mist
Age: 15
Godly Parent:
- Mother 1: Artemis goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals, young girls, childbirth and plague.
- Mother 2: Hecate goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy
- Father: Thanatos spirit of death and mortality
Other Family:
- Sister: Lidia (Through their mother)
Hair Color: When she was 12 it was black but after she learned she was a Demi-God her hair turned silver.
Old Hair:,girl,dark,hair,green,eyes,beauty,eyes,girl-32bcb7c5a7bf1157b4822ad8d0ab30c9_h.jpg
New Hair:
Hair Style: Usually in a hair tie, If not it's braided
Eye Color: Silver
Rolemodel: Artemis and Annabeth :)
Powers: Can cloud someone's mind and make the forgot things, She can create and/or manipulate ice, the ability to augment, grow or bring back to life plants, The ability to permanently copy a God/Goddess/Demi-God's powers and abilities if they are used on her, she can see ghosts, and Telekinesis
Background: She was abused as a child by many people including her foster parents; they only wanted her for the money. No one knows that she cries at the lake at night besides Percy. She is usually only peaceful at night because she like the dark. She can fight the same was the Greeks and Romans did. Even thought both her parents are Immortal she is not. When Elektra trained the Lupa some of Lupa blood got into one of Elektra cuts and now if Elektra gets mad enough she will turn into a silver wolf, a regular wolf. Artemis was five months pregn.ant with Elektra when Zeus found out. Zeus was very mad. Zeus tried to kill Elektra but Hera stopped him and told him why not just take Elektra out of Artemis and put her into a different goddess. And that "different goddess" turned out to be Hecate.
Personality: She only talks to her friends and when she gets scared she will not speak. She's shy
Interests/Hobbies: She like training so she can get her mind off of everything. She also sings in the woods, only the nymphs have heard her sing.
She cuts herself when ever people torment her. (Manly the Ares cabin.) She loves to write and to practice Archery.
Friends: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Nico, Thalia, Racheal, Leo, Lilly, Cara, Mallory, Alena, Faye, Joel, Lidia, and Jack.
When did they come to camp: She came two years before Percy.
Weapon(s) of choice: Silver bow and Arrow; 3 foot long twin swords (One is black one is white);
Name of weapon(s): Her white sword Των ζωής which means 'Giver of Life', her black sword Φέρνουν και θάνατος Which means 'Bringer of Death'
*Relationships with canon characters:
Percy: He's like an older brother.
Annabeth: She was the Demi-God that found her.
Grover: Good friend is always there when she need someone to talk too.
Nico: Doesn’t know him at the moment.
Thalia: Doesn’t know her at the moment.
Chiron: A very good mentor and is like a father to Elektra.
Rachel: She's not that close with Rachel.
Love Interest: None (At the moment)

Full Name: Lilly J. Wilson
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Apollo
Hair Color: Black with blue highlights
Hair Style: Short, choppy, with bangs always clipped back.
Eye Color: Amber
Style: Wears the orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, but she cut off the sleeves, skinny denim Capri’s that stop right below her knees, high-top black converse, and a brown belt with a gold buckle.
Rolemodel: Percy because he's like... the hugest hero at Camp Half-Blood
Powers: she's really good with medicine and archery. She can play the flute and the harp
Background: Mother always kept moving with her from city to city because her mother was always trying to find her father. She was always told that her father used to be a singer. Her mother died in a "freak accident" that was caused by a Hellhound running into the side of their car. This caused Lilly to be sent to camp half-blood immediately after when she was only 11
Personality: Shy around guys, but very outspoken. She loves to help others and defend the people she cares about.
Interests/Hobbies: becoming a hero, card games, and archery
Friends: Annabeth, Grover, Rachel, Thalia, The Stoll Brothers, and the kids in the Apollo Cabin
When did they come to camp: When she was eleven, in the middle of the summer
Weapon(s) of choice: bow and arrow and a dagger
Name of weapon(s): N/A
Relationships with canon characters:
Percy: She admires him, but has never been brave enough to talk to him
Annabeth: She's good friends with her and likes to talk with her about her troubles
Grover: She loves playing card games with him, but he always eats the cards. She has tried to teach him music multiple times
Nico: she's never talked with him much and has always kinda liked him.
Thalia: These two were good friends, but she always asks her to explain why she joined the Hunters and gave up guys.
Chiron: She loves to help Chiron with whatever he needs
Rachel: She always asks Rachel if there's going to be a prophecy involving her, but they are friends.

Full Name: Mallory Lewis
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Ares
Hair Color: red head
Hair Style: pixie cut
Eye Color: silver
Style: Doesn’t really have one
Rolemodel: the actress Emma Watson because she is strong and beautiful and unafraid to be herself, which Mallory really wishes she could be like
Powers: swift, can learn how to use any weapon by simply touching it, strong
Background: her mother is in the army, which is how Ares noticed her. Mallory grew up with her aunt while her mom was deployed for six years, and her aunt was awful to her and often made her feel bad about herself for not being more petite and girly.
Personality: quiet, observant, unsure of herself, shy, hard to anger, not very sensitive but can be if someone hits the buttons
Interests/Hobbies: running, watching people, practicing using weapons
Friends: Percy and Rachel
When did they come to camp: When she was 10
Weapon(s) of choice: a sword with an electric blade that shifts into a bracelet
Name of weapon: Hypershock
Relationships with canon characters:
Percy: really great friends with him and sort of likes him but is in denial about it
Annabeth: Annabeth doesn't like her and so they tend to avoid talking to each other if they can otherwise they end up fighting
Grover: get along alright
Nico: get along alright, enjoy making battle tactics together
Thalia: they like to train with each other
Chiron: kind of a father-daughter relationship
Rachel: really close and tell each other almost everything
Love Interest: Percy

Full Name: Alena Carlson
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Ares
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Medium Length- Curly
Eye Color: Hazel
Style: Tomboy but has a side of grisliness.
Rolemodel: Her mom
Powers: Enhanced strength
Background: Her mother was always there for her through everything when things went wrong (monsters) her mom was always there to help her. Her mom decided it was best to take her to camp after a serious monster attack.
Personality: Loud and rough but a touch of sensitiveness.
Interests/Hobbies: She secretly likes reading but doesnt let anyone know it, she likes to practice with swords too.
Friends: Clarisse and the others in the Ares cabin, grown attached to Annabeth too.
When did they come to camp: At 12, like most other half bloods.
Weapon(s) of choice: a sword, long and silver but had a red gem on it, transforms into a bracelet.
Name of weapon(s): Flash
Relationships with canon characters:
Percy: They know each other through Annabeth, but Alena knows she cant get too involved with him because of her father.
Annabeth: They are really close as Annabeth had helped her when she had first come to camp.
Grover: Alena doesnt really like Grover, she finds him a little annoying a full on.
Nico: She finds him interesting but they dont really talk much.
Thalia: Thalia and Alena are close friends.
Chiron: Alena loves Chiron and will always go to him for help.
Rachel: She thinks Rachel is pretty cool.
Love Interest: No one.

Full Name: Cara Sinclair
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: wavy or crimped
Eye Color: green/blue/grey
Style: street chic
Rolemodel: Selena Gomez
Powers: control water
Background: mum died when 5 from cancer, been through foster care, met Rachel when 9 became best friends
Personality: happy, kind, hyper, when angry stay away
Interests/Hobbies: swimming, surfing, acting, art
Friends: Annabeth, Percy, Grover, Nico, Thalia, best friends with Rachel
When did they come to camp: 14
Weapon(s) of choice: bow, sword or dagger
Name of weapon(s): N/A
Relationships with canon characters:
Percy: close friend
Annabeth: close friend
Grover: close friend
Nico: friend
Thalia: friend
Chiron: friend/mentor
Rachel: best friend

Name: Faye Harrison
Age: 13
Godly Parent: Hephaestus
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Curly, waist length
Eye Color: Amber with red flecks
Style: Tomboy
Rolemodel: None
Powers: Can manipulate/create fire
Background: Her mum cheated on her 'dad' with Hephaestus, has an older half-brother, and has been expelled from 4 different schools. The first one she accidentally lit the teachers desk on fire, the second she was caught lighting things in the school grounds and the other two for extreme misbehavior.
Personality: Pyromaniac, outgoing, troublesome, ADHD
Interests/Hobbies: Metal work (Is really good), playing jokes on people, guitar
Best Friends: Hephaestus Cabin and Aphrodite Cabin
Arrived: She was 8 because her parents couldn’t deal with her anymore.
Weapon(s) of choice: Celestial bronze sword
Name of weapon: Bruce (Nicknamed it that because she couldn’t pronounce the actual name)
Relationships with canon characters:
Percy: Friend
Annabeth: Finds her annoying
Grover: Friend
Nico: Friend
Thalia: Friend
Chiron: Likes to pull jokes on him
Rachel: Friend
Love Interest: Joel Durant

Minor Characters:
Name: Joel Durant
Hair: Brown, shaggy hair
Eyes: Green eyes
Skin: Tanned
Background: Grew up in an orphanage because his dad didn’t want him
Age: 14
Weapon: Two swords (Like a ninja :D)
Godly Parent: Demeter
Best Friends: Rachel and Percy
Frememies: Nico
Worst Enemies: Annabeth
Weakness: Has a fear of clowns, slight limp from an attack by a Cyclops when he was 7
Strength: Can manipulate plants and the sort

Name: Jack Weste
Looks: medium length brown hair pulled into a boyish ponytail, dark green eyes. pale skin. He's about 5'7" and he wears a camp half-blood t-shirt that is one size too big, denim jeans and low-top chucks. He has to wears square-frame black glasses
Background: he came from a big family in Chicago, but he tends to not talk about it. His mom left when he was five and his aunt had to take care of him until he was found and saved by a satyr when he was thirteen from a fury attack.
Age: 17
Weapon: celestial bronze sword
Godly Parent: Hermes
Best Friends: Percy, Grover, Annabeth, Lilly, and the kids of the Hermes Cabin
Frememies: some of the Ares kids and Aphrodite kids
Worst Enemies: Clarisse and the Head of the Aphrodite Cabin
Weaknesses: easily distracted and he hates snakes
Strength(s): He is determined to prove himself and he has a cunning mind
Other details: He has a small crush on Lilly, but refuses to tell her.

Full Name: Lidia Rose
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Artemis
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Parted on the side
Eye Color: Bright blue
Style: She likes to wear t-shirts and jeans. Hate dresses and skirts
Rolemodel: She's always herself and doesnt care what people think. Some people admire that
Powers: She's extremely good at hunting, but animals love her
Background: once she was old enough to go without her mom, her dad sent her off to the camp. Never knew her parents.
Personality: Fun, peppy, can be strange at times
Interests/Hobbies: she looks to hunt, but she doesnt over hunt. Her favorite thing to do is to walking trough the forest in fall a see all the pretty trees
Friends: She doesnt really have a best friend, but loves to help new kids you are really little adapt to there new life.
When did they come to camp: When she was very young.
Weapon(s) of choice: Bow and arrow. She hates swords and knives
Relationships with canon characters:
Percy: They talk and she sometimes asks him to walk with her though the forest in fall
Annabeth: she admires Annabeth and thinks highly of her
Grover: She likes him a lot (as a friend)
Nico: Doesn't really know him
Thalia: Doesn't really know her
Chiron: Looks up to him. Often comes to him for advice. If she had to pick a best friend it would be him.
Rachel: Doesn't really know her
Love Interest: She not sure if she likes Percy. But she really feels something for him.

~Author's Note~
Artemis in my story messed up twice. She had Elektra and Lidia. Yes I know Artemis is supposed to me a maiden forever but in my story she messed up.

An Addition to Lidia’s background Zeus allowed Artemis to have her on her own.

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