Please don't read. Please.

Chapter 1

I'm a mess. I have nobody. It's me against the world. Everyone is judging me over what I did, and it sucks. I want to die. But I'm not. I won't. Can I just tell you why everyone is judging me? I cheated on my boyfriend, with my best friend. I did it with Josh. Go ahead. Judge me. Idgaf. I hear it everyday. From my own family too. I don't care what you think. It was my mistake. I know it was wrong, and I can't take it back. Wilson is mad as heII. I deserve it. We are still dating tho. Josh hasn't talked to me since. I don't blame him. My ex touches me anytime he sees me. I just let him. People keep saying that I have a nice body, and put their hands on me. I feel like a toy, just being thrown from one guy to the next. Like a nasty hoe. That's pretty much what I am now. I cry myself to sleep. I don't eat. I don't go anywhere. My phone is turned off. It took me an hour to decide if I should log onto Quibblo. I cut myself last night. On the back of my wrist, to avoid veins. If you read this.... I guess it's whatever. You didnt? Same thing. Its whatever. I just needed to let it out. Bye.


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