Cachè Rose (A Orginal Story)

Cachè Rose (A Orginal Story)

Circelain always lead a hard life. A dangerous, exciting, deadly life. She lived in the shadows. Spun and wove lies and secrets. One mistake has her life in even more danger. She must throw away all of her covers and her identity. She can make one last cover. A permanent one. If she loses this one only one thing can happen.... death.
Rose must now stay hidden. Battling with herself, her identity, her old life, old covers, and love she threatens to destroy herself. Circelain must become nobody.

Chapter 1

Vol Dans La Nuit

So this is how it ends? Circelain de la Alcandor never expected it to end this way. Locked in King George's of Subon tower being forced to marry Prince David. No Circelain would never marry him. She had a litteral kiss of death. Circelain's reputation was natorius. The Lady Of The Shadows, the Black Rose, Dark Killer, Death Kiss, and Lady of Secrets where some of her more common names.

Circelain was a Lady. A noblewomen from Isamona. The fifth girl. The sixth child of eight. Her older brother, Christian, would inherit Alcandor Manor and the family lands. Her two older sisters, Maria and Saphina, where child brides. Jasmine was training to be a Lady Knight. Lysinda was Princess Rosamary's Lady in Waiting. Richard, Circelain's younger brother was deathly sick and would probably die.

Then there was Circelain. Queen Primavera's and King Edward's spymaster. Circelain was their practical spymaster. Interagations, collecting information, Circelain worked out in the field. It was Marcus, their other spymaster that decoded information and figured out their enemy's plans. Nobody would suspect a girl.

Circelain was also a assassin.

That was her job. To kill the Subonian Royal family. Circelain had failed. She had been captured. She had been a spy since she was 7 out in the field. Playing as a slave or a servant. Her assignments became more and more complex as she aged. When she was 14 she was given her first job as a assassin. When Circelain was 17 she became the kingdom's practical spymaster. Now at 23 she was either going to die or become some horrible persons wife. A useless wife. Circelain couldn't have children.

And Circelain wanted them. Badly. But her life style wouldn't allow it. Plus there was something wrong with her. She never had her cycle. Circelain was incapable of having children. It was helpful as an iteragator though.

Circelain was an incredible beauty. Tall and lush, all the curves in the right places, dark silky dark chocolate brown hair, bright green eyes, olive skin, Circelain was beautiful. Another one of her nicknames was the "Human Goddess". Circelain was beautiful. Beautiful and deadly. Most who saw her.... she was their last sight. What a sight.

So here she was handcuffed. Circelain's red silk dress was stained and torn. She had her black trousers and blouse on underneath. King George was all about hospitality to visting nobles. She used her sister Jasmine's name. She got caught.

"Your not Lady Jasmine" the gaurd whispered a sword at Circelain's fragile looking neck neck. Out of nowhere Circelain had kicked him. As he fell over She took out another gaurds sword and killed him and the guard she kicked. Mire guards came. Well you really want to play this game, Circelain had thought arrogantly. But she had reason to. Circelain was winning the fight until someone shot her with a tranquilizer dart.

"Name" Kyle, King's George spymaster said when. Circelain first woke up. Circelain was still confused from the drug. "Lady Circelain de la Alcandor of Isamona" Circelain had stupidly said. "Oh we have been looking for you" Kyle greedily said. "But it will be a shame to waste so much beauty-" Circelain was shot again. When she woke up she was in chains in this tower.

"Mesa Rosa. Saviour les lanti-" The door opens. The guard who has been bringing Circelain her food comes in. "Xavier" Circelain says with a curt nod. "Lady Prisoner " Xavier says almost mockingly.

"Why are you here?" Circelain asks tiredly. "No food" she says looking pointily at Xavier's empty hands. "You always notice the tiny details" Xavier says almost to himself. "We have decided that you are not the Lady Of The Shadows. You are just a assassin. Pretty like the Lady but just an assassin. The Lady would have never gotten caught."

Xavier was right. Circelain was sloppy. Quite sloppy. She had become arrogant in her success. Now she was paying for it.

"So interegation" she asks mockingly. Circelain knew she could get out of that. Xavier gives her a side ways glance. "Execution. Today you die Lady Prisoner."

"Well take me away" Circelain said melodramaticly. Xavier give her a sly smile. "That I will." Then he pulls out the tranquilizer gun hitting Circelain's elegant neck.
She slumped over.

Quickly Xavier got to work. He had a horse ready, clothing, money, food, water, cover stories, props, blankets, matches, and weapons. He took off Circelain's clothing. Xavier folded the clothes and put them in his bag. They would be taking a little swim soon. Then he quickly dressed Circelain in peasent clothing. He took some make up and added freckles to her flawless face. He made her eyes a murky brown. He cut her impossibly long hair to her shoulders and made her a blond. Unreconisable. Still beautiful but nobody would look at her and go that is the Black Rose.

That was good. No perfect. Xavier was a Knight. He was breaking all his oaths helping a sworn enemy escape but this was a woman. He couldn't let her die. How can you choose right between two wrongs? And so the Knight ran of with the Spy.

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