Mean It Truly, Sincere Heart.....(One Direction AU Story)


Name: Mia Melanie Moore

Chapter 1

Group Project


I skipped towards my next class, the last class of the day. Then I have after school for cheerleading, volleyball, DECA, student council, and our glee club! And no I can't miss any of them, because I'm head cheerleader, co-captain of the volleyball team, president for DECA and student council, and I'm the female leading voice for a glee club. Good thing this only happens on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are for glee club, senior class(president also), yearbook, and dance(co-captain). It is also good that they are at different times, plus, it will also look great on my college application!

When I entered the class it was already half full, I quickly went and sat down next to my bestie, Lola. She smiled as I sat down and pointed to the board. I put my red bag down, which had my cheerleading outfit and shoes, along with my volley uniform, before I followed her finger to see Group Project written big across it. We quickly smiled at each other and started praying we were in each others group.

"Okay, settle down, settle down! Today we're starting on a group project, the group will consist of six people! But before I tell you who I've paired you off with, our class president has some announcements!,"said Mr. Birdy entering the room,"Ms. Moore if you please."

"Of course, Mr. Birdy,"I replied standing up and going to the front of the room, I was about to speak when the door opened and Zayn stepped in. I rolled my eyes, Zayn is Mr. Bad Boy of the school. I've never actually spoken to him, and I really don't plan on doing it.

"Mr. Malik, the bell rang about five minutes ago,"said Mr. Birdy in a stern voice.

"Well, then, I guess I need to have my ears checked,"he replied with a slight smirk before going to his seat.

"Detention after school, once again,"replied Mr. Birdy,"Okay, go ahead Ms. Moore."

"Okay, so tomorrow we are having a blood drive, anybody wishing to donate please pick a form in the front desk! Also, in two weeks we are having auditions for our glee club, we are in desperate need of more voices and a lead male voice! And if you do make it, this year at the end of the year each senior who was in glee club will get a twenty thousand scholarship to the school of their choice,"I saw some curious faces now,"and we will be take a trip and travel around the States, as in the U.S. Thanks to the awesome support we are getting from our sponsors! Also, our next dance is going to be next Friday,"this made some people cheer,"So, student council start thinking about a theme, we will discuss it today after school. One more thing, tomorrow DECA will be having a cupcake sell on your lunch period and after school, this will be for the whole week, so bring your change...and that's about it."

"Good, now I'm gonna give each of you a number,"said Mr. Birdy as I went and sat down,"And when I tell you to go to your places you will, and their you'll find out who your group members are going to be."

He started giving each student a piece of paper with their name and number written on it. He finally came over and gave Lola and I our paper.

"What did you get?,"she asked me.

","I asked.

"Three,"she replied with a frown.

"Okay, go to your corresponding,"said Mr. Birdy.

The whole class started to move, and when I got to my place my mouth dropped a little. I got the worst group a girl could possibly get! I was stuck with Harry, the school flirt, Louis, the school clown, Niall, the school..well, he mainly eats, so I don't know what to call him, Zayn, and Liam. Actually Liam wasn't that bad.

"Uh..Mr. Birdy!,"I called out.

"I know, but before you say anything, I put you and Liam in this group because you two are my brightest students and the others can really use the help,"he quickly explained,"And no, you can not change!"

He left with that and left me stuck between these boys. This is so unfair!

"What? Ms. Perfect can't handle us?,"asked Zayn when I just stood there. I simply rolled my eyes and sat next to them.

"Okay, so, for the project your going to have to do four things! A four page essay, a posture, a power point, and a presentation. I'm going to give you a country and I want you to research it, how they do business and how everything works; from the capital, which means money, to every last export and import..easy?,"said Mr. Birdy. Most of the class nodded and he went around giving countries away.

"Okay, wow, you got the U.S,"he said to our group then left.

I turn to face the boys, the all seemed to be waiting for me to do something. Rolling my eyes I got my pink laptop out, getting a disapproving chuckle from Zayn. I decided to ignore him just this once.

"What are you doing?,"asked Harry as I logged on.

"Checking my schedule to see when can we meet,"I simply replied,"and don't worry I'll print out the schedules before this class ends, so you will know!"

Most of them nodded and the rest simply stared at me.

"Okay, so, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays we'll meet at my house from eight to ten, Wednesdays and Thursdays we will who's place can we meet?,"I asked, but they all stayed quiet,"Fine, mine again, from six to ten. Then weekends, well, the weekends will change, so, I'll just text you." I quickly got my phone out and gave it to Harry,"Put your number in then pass it to the rest of the group so they can do the same, while I print out the schedule for you people."

He did as he was told, they seemed surprised at how quickly I took control of all of it, and how quickly I've made a schedule for it. I printed of six copies and saved the schedule on my pin drive, just in case.

"Okay, I also put my number in it, just in case you can't make it so you can call me or text me, and no you can NOT call me just to talk or ask me on a date,"I said as I passed the schedule around, mainly looking at Harry.

"No promises,"he simply replied with a cheeky smile, making Louis and Niall laugh.

"Oh and one more thing, I won't accept slacking off, this project will be due in a month, and I expect it to be ready in two weeks. I have a lot of things on my hands I can't waste that much time on it,"I told them.

"And how are you going to spend time with him?,"asked Louis pointing to the door. We all looked to see my boyfriend, Vinny, standing outside the door. He saw me and smiled while waving. I simply waved back and blew him a quick kiss. His smile got bigger and he left.

"We always find time,"I simply replied with a smile as I turned my head back in there direction.

"Sure,"I heard Zayn reply under his breath. I glared at him, but stayed quiet. I could tell this boys is really going to cause me some problems.

"Okay, so, we have some time left, do you have any questions?,"I asked them.

"Yeah me, about the the glee club,"said Liam, I simply nodded and he continues,"So a twenty thousand scholarship for every senior?"

"That is right!."I exclaimed back.

"And a free trip to the States?...What part of the States?,"asked Niall.

"Well, we're preforming on various we are preforming their national anthem for some sporting events...and places like Dallas, Texas, Hollywood, New York-."

"New York?,"Harry caught me off surprised.


"When are auditions?,"asked Louis.

"In two weeks,"I simply replied, they kept asking questions and I kept answering them. When they were all out of questions I turned and looked at the clock. We stilled had some time left, not much but still some time.

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