Demigod Files: Camp Half-Blood Story

This is a story by me who plays (Jake Patterson),halloween_is_da_best (Lilian McBride),Marshmellowez (Andromeda Smart),ThE_CoMpLiCaTed_OnE (Crystal Watts),This_iz_a_pen (Lyra Smith) and my friend OutstandingAuthor (don't know his name),there will be some fighting in this especially in Chapter 6,it will also be romantic.
Note To My Fellow Writers: You can start a relationship with any character! (Except Annabeth)

Chapter 1

Jake's POV- Travelling To The Underworld

I woke up in my cabin and saw two empty beds and my half brother Nico Di Angelo,playing trading cards with a ghost called Neurus,we both see ghosts since we are the children of Hades "good morning Neurus and Nico"I said falling out of bed and hitting the wooden cabin floor "good morning master Jake"Neurus said "What has father sent you for now?"I asked him "I don't have any good news"he said sadly,I looked at him confused,my father always had good news of the future "I sat down next to Neurus and asked "is it about Annabeth?" "Yes and about a huge war coming up"he said picking up a Poseidon card,"Flapjack!"Nico yelled,I glanced at him "sorry"he winced,"I have to go"Neurus said opening up a dark portal leading to the underworld,"No wait,what about Annabeth!"I shouted,a huge growl came from the portal,it sounded like my father he wasn't very happy with Neurus,Neurus shouted out an ancient Greek praise to at least calm my father,he left and the portal shut "You're really serious about Annabeth"Nico said,it was true,ever since the day she 'found' me,I liked her,the camp horn blew and we all rushed to breakfast,I went to the Athena cabin and knocked on the door,Percy and Crystal answered the door "Sorry,but my I speak to Annabeth?"I asked,Percy's eyes deepened,I tried looking over him,to see if I could see Annabeth "she took a trip to the underworld to beg Hades for mercy,because he planned to kill her"Crystal confessed "A typical vagrant and my father?"I shouted,I've got to talk to my mom Persephone.

I went over to the Eating Hall for some breakfast,all the kids were running around and screaming as usual,but no Annabeth laughs or screams came,I rushed over to the camp leader tables to talk to Chiron,"Get away and go eat"Chiron said shoving me away "I get the sense you don't like me that much"I said,he gave a stern look and opened his mouth to talk,but I cut him off "Chiron,I need 3 demigods to go on a quest with me"I said,"Take only the wisest"Chiron suggested "Aren't you going to ask where it is and what it is about?"I asked,he just turned back to his food and I walked away and bumped into Grover the goat "Whoa watch your step!"he said "You're the one with hooves"I laughed,with both laughed and I told him about Annabeth,he didn't listen much since he kept looking into Lillian McBride's electric green eyes,I just left him there and went on my quest,the whole camp came to bring me gifts for when I face challenges and if I meet up with Manticores,who populate 70,000 of 80,000 of the underworld,3 half-bloods and Percy came running over to go on the quest with me
Authors Note: For those who are doing the story with me,you can come on the quest if you like

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