Demigod Files: Camp Half-Blood Story

This is a story by me who plays (Jake Patterson),halloween_is_da_best (Lilian McBride),Marshmellowez (Andromeda Smart),ThE_CoMpLiCaTed_OnE (Crystal Watts),This_iz_a_pen (Lyra Smith) and my friend OutstandingAuthor (don't know his name),there will be some fighting in this especially in Chapter 6,it will also be romantic.
Note To My Fellow Writers: You can start a relationship with any character! (Except Annabeth)

Chapter 2

Lola's POV- We're going WHERE?

"Lola, love, come along." Mom said, holding out her hand to me.

I looked back at my campmates. Percy was shaking his head, and everyone else whose names I couldn't remember were also.

"Where are we going Mum?" I asked her cautiously.

Mum smiled gently and stretched her hand out further. "Come dear, there's somebody I want you to meet."

I reached out to take her hand, but suddenly she started to fade.

"MUM!" I yelled, reaching out for her, trying to grab hold of her.

"I love you, Lola. Always." Mum whispered before fully disappearing.

I turned around and saw that my campmates were gone also.

I was all alone.

I fell to my knees, bent over my stomach in pain as my body became ravaged with sobs.

"Mum, please. Please! I can't bloody do this without you!" I yell out through my sobs.

"Please." I whispered shakily as a wind whipped at my hair and the field, making it blow all around my face. "I feel so alone."

A disembodied voice started laughing as the ground rumbled.

"Oh my dear...that's how I want you to feel..."

I sniffed and looked up to see a figure with a robe made out of...faces?

I gasped as I recognized him from Percy's description of all the gods and goddesses. It was Hades, the god of the Underworld and his robes were made of souls.

I scrambled to my feet, drying my eyes on my sleeve, trying to grab the knife that was at my side. But every time I tried, my hand went right through it like it was smoke.

Hades laughed as he watched my futile attempts.

"Wh-what do you want?" I stammered, backing up slowly.

"Oh, nothing of consequence." Hades crossed his arms over his chest, smirking down at me.

I realized something then. "You! You took my mum away from me, didn't you!"

Hades laughed. "You're a bright one, little niece, aren't you? Yes, I did take your mother. But there may be some hope for her yet."

Hades snapped his fingers and I saw my mum again.

"MUM!" I shouted and tried to run to her, but found my way blocked by two skeleton guards. Hades was keeping me where I was.

I looked at my mum and saw that she was frozen with a frightened expression on her face, probably how she was during the car crash.

"What do you want?" I growled, glaring up at Hades over the shoulders of his guards.

Hades sneered. "You'll find out soon enough. I just want you to understand me perfectly: if you want to see your mother ever again, you will do anything and everything to keep my son from coming to see me."

Hades snapped his fingers and he and my mum disappeared along with the guards holding me back.

I fell to my knees again as my tears returned.


I bolted up in bed, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat. I looked around and saw nothing. Percy's bunk across the cabin was already empty.

I sat up, digging my nails into the palms of my hands to keep myself from sobbing.

"It was just a dream." I whispered to myself as I stared at the floor. "Just a bloody dream. You're overreacting, Lola. Get it together, mate."

I took a deep breath and stood up. Then I got ready to go to breakfast.


(her outfit:

"Hey, Lola, what's up?" Percy asked as I sat down at the Poseidon table in the Pavilion.

"Not much. Just woke up and decided I needed some bloody breakfast." I said, grabbing some food.

"Why would you want a bloody breakfast?" Grover asked, coming and sitting next to Percy, chewing on a bagel.

I laughed. "Do you know how many times I've heard that? It gets a little old, Grover."

Grover grinned sheepishly.

Then Percy tried to mimick my accent. "So bloody tired!" he said in a high-pitched girly voice with an awful British accent.

I had been taking a drink of orange juice, but I started laughing, and I spewed it out all over Percy and Grover, who yelled indignantly as I choked with laughter.

The whole breakfast continued on like this, us laughing and teasing each other and having a good old time.

It was fun, even though I barely knew them.

Then, Jake suddenly ran over to the Poseidon table and stopped to catch his breath.

"What's up Jake?" Percy asked, still laughing.

"I...I'm going get Annabeth..." he kept stopping for breath. "And I need you to go with me."

Percy stood up immediately. "Sure, Jake. Who else is going?"

Jake put his hands in the air. "Who do you recommend?"

"Lola, come on." Percy grabbed my arm and hauled me out of my seat.

"What? Where the bloody hell are we going?" I asked, brushing my hair out of my eyes as we sprinted after Jake towards the...Apollo cabin?...possibly, I couldn't be sure.

"To the Underworld!" Percy shouted over his shoulder.

I froze. "What?"

Damn. This is what Hades was talking about.

Now the question was...what am I going to do?

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