Demigod Files: Camp Half-Blood Story

This is a story by me who plays (Jake Patterson),halloween_is_da_best (Lilian McBride),Marshmellowez (Andromeda Smart),ThE_CoMpLiCaTed_OnE (Crystal Watts),This_iz_a_pen (Lyra Smith) and my friend OutstandingAuthor (don't know his name),there will be some fighting in this especially in Chapter 6,it will also be romantic.
Note To My Fellow Writers: You can start a relationship with any character! (Except Annabeth)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Adi's POV:

As I was walking to my next class, swordplay, I was run into by the one of the resident sons of Hades, Jake. He looked like he had just run around the entire camp.
“Have… you seen… Crystal?” He asked in between shallow breaths.
“I think she is helping teach archery to the Hermes cabin.” Before I could ask any question he dashed off to the archery range.

The rest of they day was just like an average day at Camp Half-Blood. Well at least until free time.

I had just finished up at the forge and I was walking around, since I didn’t have anything I needed or wanted to do. I said hi to Percy who was stand on the Big House porch like he was waiting for some one. Then I realized he was. Coming out of the attic window was the same green light that I remember seeing every time someone went up to get a prophecy.
“Who’s getting a prophecy?”
“What?” It finally dawned on me what was happening. Lola had told me her dream from last night. This could not be happening.
“Okay, where are you guys planning to go on this quest?” I asked as calmly as I could. Though I thought I knew where he was going to say, and I really hoped I was wrong.
“The Underworld.”
“What? NO.” I knew what it is like to lose a family member, even if it was one you weren’t really close to.
“Andromeda, calm down. What is the matter wi-“
“Jake can’t go to the Underworld. And call me Adi.”
“Why can’t he?”
“He just can’t. Okay.” He stared at me, probably thinking I had lost it.
“He just can’t.” I could’ve gone and tried to stop Jake myself, but I don’t think I could make a difference. The only other way to stop him was to go on the quest with him. I informed Percy that I would be joining them (Which frankly just confused him). I turned and went to see if Lola already knew.

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