Demigod Files: Camp Half-Blood Story

This is a story by me who plays (Jake Patterson),halloween_is_da_best (Lilian McBride),Marshmellowez (Andromeda Smart),ThE_CoMpLiCaTed_OnE (Crystal Watts),This_iz_a_pen (Lyra Smith) and my friend OutstandingAuthor (don't know his name),there will be some fighting in this especially in Chapter 6,it will also be romantic.
Note To My Fellow Writers: You can start a relationship with any character! (Except Annabeth)

Chapter 4

Crystal's POV; It's Gonna Be No Ordinary Quest

I was only 10 years old when this happened to me.
I was sitting on my bed drawing in my sketch book, when I heard yelling going on down stairs. I didn't know what Steven and Kelly( my adpative parents ) were fight I went downstairs to see what exactly was going on, I can see Kelly on her knee's sobbing and Steven trying to pick up Kelly but she wouldn't move. Once she saw me she looked frighten like if I was a monster?? "get her away from me!!!" Kelly yelled "she's only a child she wouldn't do anything to hurt you!" said Steven "don't you get it Steven! SHE IS A MONSTER! she's the reason why we have to keep on moving and deal with all of these strange attacks! I ALMOST GOT KILLED 3 TIMES CAUSE OF HER!!" yelled Kelly.

"Kelly you sound crazy! ok theres other reasons why this happened ok and besides, what happened of wanting kids huh?? we agreed-" "NO! you agreed ok! I nevered agreed on having kids...I WANT HER OUT OF MY HOUSE AND MY LIFE!!!" yelled Kelly. "she has an hour to get all of her stuff out out of my house before I throw her out myself" said Kelly. I was crying so hard, why would Kelly say all of those horrible things about me, especially right in front of my face and right after that she left the livingroom, I couldn't stop crying how could she just kick me out like that??? where would I go?? where will I stay?? who will take care of me??? So many question for no one to answer to "come on i'll help you pack" said Steven. Once we were done packing and said our goodbyes,then Kelly shoved me out of the door and said "good riddance" and slamed the door.

Ever since then i've been at a alley in Brookyln, behide a dumpster for three weeks it's was hard to find good food in the dumpster and shelter. But one day at midnight when I was asleep I was woken up by a weird kid who looked half goat and half human?? He told me everything on what was going on the monster attacks and apparently I was the daughter of Apollo, and he told me to come with him to this camp that can keep me safe. So eventually we made to Camp Half Blood and I been living there ever since then. So now back to the present............................

6 years later..........................
I woke up at the Apollo cabin and I did my regular schedule, brush teeth, take a shower,

eat breakfast, sword fighting, and then I was at the archery range which was my favorite place to relax. Right when I was teaching the other Hermes kids some archery pointers, I see Jake running towards me. He was all sweaty and tired out "Crystal.........I need your help........come on........we gotta meet up.........the others at........the Big House" said Jake "why what's going on Jake??" I asked "come on I'll explain in the Big House it's very improtant I don't want anyone else knowing about this quest" whispered Jake. We ran all the way to the Big House, which was pretty far from the achery range, once we entered the first people I see are Percy, Grover, Adi, and Lola. I went to Grover and Percy to see what's going on "hey guys!" I said "hey Crystal!" said both of them while smiling, I always liked the way Percy smiles at me and the way his eyes has that blue shine that reminds you of the sea and....ok I'm getting off topic here "so can one of you guys please explain to me what going on here??" I asked "well I think you should ask Jake and Chiron about that" said Percy.

I turn my attention the both of them "I believe some of you know that Annabeth has been terriblely injuried" said Chiron. "Ya don't remind me, I just hope she gets well soon poor Annabeth" I thought, "Jake has summon all of you to go on a quest with him to go to the Underworld" said Chiron "now you guys don't have to come with me but you guys are my friends and I need your help" said Jake we all looked at eachothers faces and knew this was a very bad idea but we knew that we needed to help out our friend. Percy was the first one to step up, then Grover, and Lola, me, and Adi, and etc.(sorry if I didn't name you yet), "so it's settled all of you will go on the quest with Jake, get your stuff ready you'll leave first thing tomorrow" said Chiron. I don't know why but my instincts are telling me that this is going to be no ordinary quest i've been to, I and everybody else knows that my instincts are never wrong.

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