Captured (An Itachi Uchiha love story)

I know that I still haven't finished my Deidara love story (yet) but I had this idea and I just had to write it down. Don't worry Deidara fans, I will eventually finish it. I've had a bit of a writers block.
Anyway, as the title suggests, this is an Itachi love story. Hope you like it! ^/_\^

Chapter 1


by: xKiraxs
“Picking flowers is such a boring job.” I muttered as I walked out of the village gates. “I mean, I'm a jounin, I shouldn't be given these D-ranked assignments.” I added, a little louder this time.
Then I realized I was alone. I looked behind me to see if anyone saw me.
I sighed in relief and carried on walking.
I had to go on a D-ranked mission. Just because I failed the last mission, Lady Tsunade punished me by giving me a D-rank. Picking flowers.
I yawned and walked towards a bush. I picked some of the red flowers. I couldn't identify these red flowers, I never really paid much attention in the academy when it came to flowers. What kind of a ninja needs to know about flowers?
I picked the flowers anyway and put them in the straw basket I was given.
I carried on walking, collecting flowers of all colours and sizes. I was also chased by several bees.
I knelt down to put up another flower when I heard a moan of pain, coming from behind a Sakura tree.
I placed the basket on the floor and ran towards the noise.
A young man, about 21, laid on the green grass, a hand to his wounded torso. He had long black hair in a ponytail and wore a black shirt with mesh underneath and black jeans. On his right hand he wore a red ring. His eyes were closed tightly so I couldn't see what colour they were.
He only had that one injury, but it looked serious.
He cursed under his breath and mentioned something about his partner leaving him to die.
I knelt down beside him. “Kisame? Is that you?” he asked.
“No, I'm...someone else. What happened?” I asked.
He opened his eyes. I gasped in shock as I saw he had bright red eyes. Then I became more shocked when I realized who he was.
“Itachi Uchiha...” I said.
He groaned in pain again. I shook my head and did hand signs for a healing jutsu. I was training to be a medical ninja so I had some experience.
I removed his hands from his wound. It was a sword or kunai injury, someone must have stabbed him with some kind of blade.
I placed my hand on his wound and shivered as I felt his wet blood.
“Your going to be OK.” I said. Then I added. “Who's Kisame?”
“He's my partner.” he said.
“From the Akatsuki, no doubt.” I muttered.
Despite my muttering he nodded. “Yes, we're both in the Akatsuki.”
“What happened? How did you get this injury? Where's Kisame now?” I asked.
“It's a long story. I...underestimated my opponent. Kisame went to go get help. About two hours ago.” he explained.
I nodded. Looks like his partner will be gone for a little while longer. As long as Kisame doesn't come back and Itachi is injured, I won't be in any danger.
“I'm Akira by the way.” I said.
He smiled. “Nice to meet you, Akira.”
So, this is one of the Akatsuki, eh? I don't see what's the big deal. Itachi doesn't seem at all dangerous. I thought.
Soon, his wound was healed and he slowly sat up. His eyes closed tightly in pain.
“Are you OK?” I asked, wiping the blood away.
“I think I'm going to be OK.” he said. He looked up at me and added “Why did you help me?”
“What do you mean why did you help me? I helped you because you were hurt. Like any normal person would.” I said, suddenly angry at the Uchiha.
“If you knew I was from the Akatsuki, why did you help me?” he asked.
The truth was, I didn't know he was from the Akatsuki when I first saw him. I didn't even know who he was until I got a closer look.
“Uh...Well...I...Don't I get a thank you? I mean, I just saved your life.” I said, trying to avoid having to give a reason. I didn't know myself. It was just human instinct.
He smiled again. “Thank you for helping me, Akira.”
“Your welcome.” I said, standing up.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I have to finish my mission. It may be just picking flowers but I don't want to fail this one, like I did last time.” I said.
“Do your missions then Akira? A good kunoichi never fails any missions. Especially when it comes to flower picking.” he smirked and looked away.
“What did you say?!” My hands clenched into fists. “Are you trying to get me angry?”
He looked back at me and said “No, of course not.”
I sighed. “What do you want from me?”
He shrugged his shoulders.
“If you don't know then I'll just leave and finish my mission.” I said, turning around.
“Maybe, you could do something for me.” He said.
“Like what?” I looked back at him, my arms folded.
“Well, Kisame has been gone for a while. I don't even think he's going to return. You may as well, stay with me while I wait for Kisame to come back.”
I rolled my eyes. “Fine.” I said, sitting down next to him and crossing my legs.
There was a long silence. I cleared my throat and said “Can't you contact you partner or something?”
“And what do you propose I contact him with?”
“Well, I have a lot of files on the Akatsuki. It says you can communicate with other members using an earpiece or something.”
“I guess your right.” he said. He tapped his chin with one finger as if he was thinking about something. It was either that or he was just messing with me.
“Well?” I said, motioning him to try and contact his partner.
“I think we should wait until he comes.” he said.
I groaned in boredom and said “That could be hours! I have to finish my mission.”
“Go. Nothings stopping you.” he said.
I gave him a suspicious look then said “Alright then. If you insist.” I was about to get up, when I froze.
Damn it! I'm caught in his Genjutsu! What a cheap trick. I thought.
“Will you wait for me or not?” he asked.
I nodded reluctantly.
“Good.” he said, releasing me from his Genjutsu.
I sighed deeply.
“When do you have to return to the village?” he asked.
I looked at my watch and sighed. “Half hour.”
He nodded.
Then I heard footsteps coming towards us.
“Who's that?” Someone said from behind.
I looked behind me to see a tall man in an Akatsuki cloak. A big sword wrapped in bandages on his back and another Akatsuki cloak folded over his arm. He had blue skin and sharp teeth. He also had blue hair sticking up like a sharks fin. He looked a lot like a shark too.
Without turning to see who it was, Itachi said “It's Akira. She helped me.”
Kisame grunted and threw Itachi his cloak. Itachi caught it with ease.
“Where's she from?” he asked.
“I'm from the village hidden in the leaves.” I said. “Speaking of which, it's best if I go back now.” I stood up ready to leave.
Itachi stood up too and grabbed my wrist.
“I don't think so. You'll go back and tell them of our whereabouts. Then they'll send ANBU to come and kill us.”
“So, your just going to kidnap me? Someone's going to notice you know.” I said.
“It's always possible for a ninja to die while on a mission. Nobody will think anything of it.” Itachi said.
“I went flower picking, what ninja dies when they go flower picking?” I asked. My voice raised in alarm as I realized that if I said the wrong thing, I'd be dead for sure.
“An enemy ninja could've attacked you. Or you could have fallen into a trap. Akatsuki member could have killed you.” Itachi smirked and tightened his grip on my wrist.
“So that's what that was all about, you forcing me to wait with you so you could just kidnap me?!” I asked.
“This wasn't planned at all. It was just your unlucky day.”
“You better let go of me, or I'll destroy you!” I said, trying to get out of Itachi's grip.
He twisted my wrist and it snapped. It was definitely broken. I screamed in pain and nearly fell over.
“How are you going to do that when you've broken both of your wrists?” he asked, grabbing and breaking the other one.
“You monster!” I yelled.
Then something hard hit me on the back of my head. Everything went black.

Next chapter will be up soon. Hope you like it. ^/_\^

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