Sister the gods. wwffy/wwyff

Sister the gods. wwffy/wwyff

You’re 16, your name is Lake River Godfrey, everyone calls you River as does the holy book, Bobingal, but Hannah, Lucifer, Poseidon and Zeus call you Lake, basically look like Snow white but are not her, you have 3 ‘brothers’, Lucifer, Zeus and Poseidon, or ‘The three Gods’, you used to have a twin sister, Hannah, she was brutally killed, by two of the boys you would come to love. Oh and the year is 1523. (Gods are not your relitives you just grew up with them, over all time.)

Chapter 1


As you stood there, tied to the tree, you cried silently as this boy laughed and tormented you, as you watched your twin sister get rped, by his twin brother. “Done, your turn Brandon.” “Ok Anthony.” ‘Anthony’ was done he just left, leaving your sister lying there and then ‘Brandon’ untied you and rped you. Then not a minute after he left, a wolf came, and he tore your sister to pieces, you cried, he spotted you, he came over, leaving your sister half dead where she lay, but, he didn’t rip you to pieces, oh no, he changed you and left, but not before he could whisper, “I’m Shawn. Never forget that.” You run to her, covered in your own blood, tears and pain, and soon hers’, you lean down and whispered in her ear, “We will always, always, be together!” You lifted her hand to your heart, she whimpered, “In here.”, “I know.” She gazes at you as she said it, you had a feeling, that for the first time your sister was being sincere, that you really would be together forever in your hearts, a bright light appeared in front of you, you looked up, a boy, with fine blond hair and baby blue eyes, with bright white wings with a white glow, ‘an angel’, was standing there, horrified, at the sight that met his eyes, “Please,” You beg, “Please bring her to heaven,” he just nodded, to stunned to say a thing, and came and lifted her up, “Together forever sister!” She shouted, “Forever,” the boy and you said at exactly the same time, you smiled, small and thin, and then, he flew away. Bringing your sister to your brothers, her lovers, for one final goodbye.

You’re walking through the forest, looking at the sky, still covered in dear sisters’ blood, you hope Zeus wouldn’t call you to heaven. “God I hate that place.”

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