The Forbidden (An Avatar: the Last Airbender Story)

So, I also really like Avatar the Last Airbender and thought that I would make a story about that to! So here goes...
Name: Mercy (her friends call her Mer.)
Element: Earth (her village has been taken over by the Fire nation)
Looks: Brown, straight, hair, green eyes, tall, thin.
Also coming up with names that would be in ATLA is REALLY hard. Name suggestions would be APPRECIATED!!!! :D (I will give credit to the people who suggest names in the story!) THANKS!

Chapter 1

The Beginning

"I'll race you!" a little boy cried, tugging on the arm of a tall young girl with brown hair.

"No, thanks. I'm going to walk, like a civilizied person." the young woman said in response to the boy.

"Mer, what's happened to you? You've always raced with me before." the boy looked at her with tears in his eyes.

"Meng, I just don't feel the need to make a spectacle of my self in front of the Fire nation." Mercy said looking around at the various Fire nation soldiers walking around. Tears started to spill over down onto his cheeks. Mercy sighed, "once we get out of the wall, I'll race you...okay?"

"Yes!" Meng yelled scampering away, the tears gone from his eyes.

Mercy smiled, little, innocent Meng. Nothing kept his spirit down for long. Not even the Fire nation staying in their village. A thought that Mercy still couldn't stomach. She looked around, the people of her village where strong. They were survivors. Some how, some way she had faith that the Avatar would come least that's what she hoped. It had been 100 years, and still the avatar hadn't come. He'd...left, abondoned them to the will of the Fire nation. And despite all this. Mercy still had faith. Maybe that's what her parents should have named her...she didn't want to be merciful, she wanted to fight. And if the chance came. She would. She would fight off the Firelord himself if she had to, to protect her village, but most importantly Meng...he was all she had left of her family. And she would rather die than lose him to the Fire nation as well.

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