Looks Aren't Everything

So, this a group story written by me and my friend WendyPines, so hope you enjoy!
Main characters; Lilith Parish and Josh Brown
Lilith: Long straight, black hair, shining blue-green eyes, slim, 5'3
Josh: Shaggy, blonde hair, brown eyes, skinny, 5'5

Chapter 1


Lilith's POV

I swung my legs out of bed. Morning I thought, can't it just stay away for a few more hours? just as I thought that, my alarm clock starting blaring again. Of course it can't

Standing my unsturdy legs I headed for my closest. What to wear, what to wear? I thought in my head. "Cute, but...not the right color" I said throwing a pale pink blouse and brown leggings over my head. "This is nice," I said fingering a purple dress and silver leggings. "Oh, snap! Crystal wore something like this yesterday...I'll have to wait before I wear something like it." I continued to rummage through my clothes. You'd think I'd be able to find something...I had the biggest closest of all of my friends. "Aha! Perfect!" I said, grabbing a baggy black sweater, lime green skinny jeans, and black boots. I loved pairing dark colors with some eye grabbing color, it made people turn their heads to look at you, and it wasn't overly flashy.

"Now what to do with my hair?" I asked my self. My straight, midnight black hair was sticking up all over the place. I walked over to my dresser still in my PJs. I looked at my hairstuff. I grabbed a brush, some bobby pins,a small hair tie, and a green head band the same color as my jeans. Then I opened the top my jewelry box that sat next to my hair things. I pulled out a pair of small green hoops and a pair of lime green studs...I had my ears pierced in two places...much to my dad's dismay.

"Alright time to get dressed." I walked over to the bathroom attached to my bedroom. And quickly got dressed. After I had finished putting my clothes on and had done half my hair into a fishtail braid, I applied some light green eye shadow, and clear lip stuff. "Perfect," I smiled. I opened the door and headed down to the kitchen where I could smell breakfast cooking.

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