Some of my quotes

Some of my quotes

If you want me to explain anything let me know.
Remember not all of them will be mine.

Chapter 1


" Why no ones perfect? I rather say everyone's perfect "

" Everyone dances silly that does not mean you dance badly "

" What's so creepy about vampires? If anything I rather be afraid of bed bugs "

" Forget Bieber fever I have Nyan fever "

" The most painful pain you will ever get is a broken heart "

" When I hear the word "One Direction" I think of a one way sign "

" All you need to be beautiful is someone to think you are "

" Justin Bieber got me off the word baby "

" If someone insults you whatever you do try to take it positively "

" The worst thing to do if your phone rings in a place like a movie, school Ect is
try to answer it. "

" If you say nowhere I say now here "

That's it for now.

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