This isn't a story. I Am Back From The Dead!

Hey guys! How long has it been.... About... 5 months?
Dang. Long time.
I have moved to a new place, started fresh, got popular, and I'm doing great!

Chapter 1

How I've been doing.

Everything has gone good, seems after bible camp, I have been dodging quibblo. (personalreasons. You know who you are.)
I moved to a new place, and I'm happy at my new school.
Every girl thinks I'm the sweetest thing(how wrong they are), most of the boys think I'm pretty cool.
The 8th grade boys don't understand how I don't want to talk to them. I hate being fresh meat T_T.
I have new bestie! Her name Ivy! My other bestie is Abby. It's weird. It's like I found my Anya and Karma. Ivy being Anya, and Abby being Karma.


Ahem. Anyways...

I'm in a play! I am the Sergeant for Pirates of Penance JR. A babbling fool, who gets the police in trouble xD.

I've read the first 4 Harry Potter books while gone, and I'm almost every teacher's favorite. :D

Anyways...How have you guys been doing with out me?


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